As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)


Leaving Town

Welcome back, everybody! After some discussion and consideration both here and elsewhere, I had decided to follow the food theme, and the samurai-like Oshawott line shall be named Sashimi. Back to the game!

Bianca, oddly, thinks that Sashimi is a great name, despite the implication that I consider Pokemon edible. After giving me my Pokedex - despite all my protesting to the contrary - she then, just like Meither, describes what it does and what I should do with it. Bianca, I already told you before... I don't want it. Now leave me alone so I can eat this baby seal in peace.

Finally letting me go - it seems like it's been hours since I first talked to her! - I head down the stairs. I'm expecting a rival battle immediately... Ah. But beforehand, Hugh cons a second Pokedex off Bianca. I attempt to sneak away while they're talking, only to be caught up in the obligatory rival battle. Lucky.

And he's got a Snivy, of course. -_-;;

Let's see... I notice that Sashimi's attacks are the same as Squirtle's so far - Tackle & Tail Whip. Not a problem though, as there aren't exactly many combinations they can use for such early stuff. I'm a bit annoyed that I get the 95% accurate 35 power attack, but I'll live... I hope. This is still a Nuzlocke, after all.

Well, at least it seems that Snivy has Tackle too. Oshawott seems to be stronger though, so I've still got a decent chance of winning so long as Snivy uses his status attack, whatever that is.

...And there we go. He used Leer, giving me the time I needed to win. And with the obligatory level up upon winning, I can now see that Oshawott has good Attack but bad Defense.

Hugh is annoyed, of course, but quickly segues into saying I'm a trainer he can count on. Whatever. After leaving, Bianca takes me to the Pokemon Centre and shows me around without even asking me whether I want to know how it works. I bet she won't show me everything about it though. :P

First is healing Pokemon, which I would have done anyway. Next is "this square thing", the PC, which she details the important aspects of. (Or at least, I assume that it's like every other game, where the PC can do slightly more than just store Pokemon). At the Pokemart section of the building - I still like this change, by the way - she gives me a few Pokeballs (ten, upon later examination). Nifty; now I won't need to worry about meeting wild Pokemon without them. And next... she goes outside. She didn't show me trading, and (understandably but amusingly), she didn't point out the courier. Who I of course go to to pick up my Meloetta. Time for me to steamroll the game now~

Oh? What do you mean I said I wouldn't use legendaries? And she's my second Pokemon in this town anyway. Sadness. I take the PP Max it's holding (Which I'll probably never use) and stick it in the last PC box before leaving.

Outside, before Bianca can act like a drunk old man and show me how to catch Pokemon, Meither has come up to us with Hugh's sister to finally give me the Running Shoes. How running is impossible without them, I don't know. One of the great mysteries of the world. Hugh's sister also gives me the Town Map, which is nice for figuring out where I have and have not caught Pokemon yet. She also tells me to give a second one to Hugh, but I'd really rather not.

Checking the map of New YorkUnova, I see... "P2 Laboratory: Team Plasma's secret lab is located on a quiet little island." Umm... yes. Very secret, for a little girl on the other side of the region to have a map pointing straight to it. Really.

As I leave town, the gatekeeper gives me a potion. Oddly generous. I'm on to you, lady... Hm. And there's a newsboard thing. Handy.

Properly outside now, Bianca reminisces while being a drunk old man. Thankfully, since she's the first person finding a Pokemon, it doesn't count towards my Nuzlocke. I'll get to that soon enough.

After Bianca returns to town, I continue on my way, eventually finding... Nothing? Whatever. A guy called Alder shows up, and based on how much of a know-it-all he's acting, I'll bet he's the region Champion (Just like how you always repeatedly see the region champion in every other Pokemon game without ever being told what they are... Or in Gary's case, before they even are what they end up being.)

Following him, I end up in Floccesy Town (another name I'm bound to forget), where he invites me to his house. Neato, total stranger, inviting a random minor to your house without even trying to explain why. After checking out the town though, I of course...

Go back to Route 19! Here I meet a Patrat. Damn ugly eyes, but I'll still try to catch it. And... Success! Welcome to the team, squirrel-rat, but what should I call you?


  • Sashimi the Oshawott, Lv.6
  • Patrat, Lv.4

Okay guys, the theme is food. Any suggestions?


Just had an idea. Ratatouile. It's missing an L, sure, but there's a character limit.
Sabbo 14th Mar 13