The Adventure of Failure Shepard or How Not to Play the Mass Effect Trilogy



For the past few months, I have been planning to do a playthrough of the Mass Effect Trilogy where I make the dumbest decisions possible. I have decided to share this experience with you all.

This liveblog will chronicle the adventure of Lieutenant Commander Failure Shepard, better known as FailShep. Young Failure was born on the Human colony of Midnoir, where he lived until it was attacked by evil batarian pirates, who killed everyone he ever knew. FailShep was only sixteen at the time.

Shortly after, FailShep enlisted in the Alliance Military, where his squad was killed by Thresher Maws. FailShep's escape of the Maws made him a legend among the Alliance.

tldr; Failure Shepard is male, a Colonist and a Sole Survivor. Because this playthrough is going to be somewhat minimalist in nature, I'm playing as a Soldier and on the lowest difficulty settings.


This sounds like Shiva Shepard from SF Debris.
Peteman 16th Feb 13
This is something I've been considering doing since before I discovered SFDebris. Trust me when I say that Fail Shep's screw ups will be even more glorious than Shiva's, even though they will probably be less funny.
lrrose 17th Feb 13
Peteman 18th Feb 13 (edited by: Peteman)
I wonder, why was the survivor chosen over, say, ruthless? Fail Shepard got the job done, but got most of his squad killed.
Peteman 20th Mar 13
Because Ruthless Shepard knew that s/he was going to get his/her men killed, but also knew that this would accomplish the mission. Colonist Sole Survivor Shepard just has horribly bad luck.
lrrose 20th Mar 13