Musik needs you! Pokemon Pilgrimage!

Musik Maestro

Prologue: I can't make my own decisions, so you make them for me!

Hello, and welcome to Musiks pokemon pilgrimage, in which I, MusikMaestro, play a variety of pokemon games! However, due to my horrible decision making skills, I need you to make them for me! So that's what it'll be happening. I'll be playing through the pokemon games, and you guys out there'll be telling me what 'mons you'd like to catch, and what to name 'em, either through the comments section below, or the general pokemon thread.

However, before this all starts, I'm gonna need a game to start with. So, that's you guys first job. Recommend a game for me to play, what gender I'll play as, and my character name. All suggestions are welcome.

As for the games I actually have to play, there is:
  • Pokemon Emerald
  • Pokemon Firered
  • Pokemon Leafgreen
  • Pokemon Pearl
  • Pokemon Platinum
  • Pokemon Black

So, get suggestin'!


Hey, Musik! I vote Black with a male trainer, and name him Jimbo. Have fun! :D
MobileLeprechaun 12th Jan 13
How about we start from the beginning with Firered or Leafgreen? Female with the name Scarlet. I look forward to this!
JackeunKangajii 13th Jan 13
If I was going to name her Scarlet I'd probably go with Fire Red....

Anyone else have any suggestions?
MusikMaestro 13th Jan 13
fire red
thestonedog78 13th Jan 13
Fire Red. Female. Name her Blue after the manga character.
Chariot 13th Jan 13
Right, I'll probably go with fire red then. Hmm... That just leaves the name... any preferences you guys have?
MusikMaestro 13th Jan 13
Well I already put in my vote. Female and name her Blue after the manga character.
Chariot 13th Jan 13
Right, well, due to me not checking what games I actually had unforeseen circumstances, I'll be playing Leaf Green instead of Fire Red. I'll still be picking the Female PC, and Imma gonna name her Scarlet. Also, because of my mistake those unforeseen circumstances, I'll be giving you guys an extra surprise.
MusikMaestro 13th Jan 13
Yay, surprises! :D
MobileLeprechaun 13th Jan 13