Adventures in the IOS Dimension


Part Twenty-two:

The Dark Warriors board a ship headed South. The warriors question Alba’s knowledge of Mysidia, and Nacht tells her to drop the dumb act. Looks like the gig is up.

We arrive inthe land of Lufenia where we will unseal the ultimate magic, Meteo. We get this adorable exchange:

The Mask: I… what?

Well, he is a White-Haired Pretty Boy, so I can see why she'd make the mistake.

In Lufenia there is a village (named Lufenia, of course), a tower that is locked, and a Barrier Site we can’t enter. To the town it is.

Everyone in town is acting very oddly. When spoken to, all they can say is “Lu…pa…gamhi..dho?” The only exception is a gnome who’s looking for fangs (we don’t have any) and an elderly researcher named Dr. Unne. She says that she has been unable to crack the Lufenian language without a tablet found at the top of Rosetta Tower.

Heh. The Rosetta stone.

She can’t go to the tower because the monsters there ate her research team. We agree to go fetch the tablet and she gives us the key to the tower.

The climb of the tower is uneventful. The top doesn’t appear to have a tablet, but it does have a giant stone statue, so let’s look at that. Predictably, the statue comes to life and attacks us.

One hit and the Warriors fold like tissue. Only Mask is left standing. He tells them to get up or they will never see Sol and Aigis again. Glaive is surprised to learn that their friends are alive after all. Empowered by this knowledge, we enter the boss fight again and mop the floor with that statue. Once it’s defeated we get the stone tablet.

Diana wants to know how Mask knew that Sol was alive. Glaive says he was right about Mask: He’s actually Elgo.

Dun dun dun.

Wait, a domino mask kept them from guessing his identity? Seriously?

We cut back to the Light Warriors, who are standing on the side of the airship where Sarah fell. Why is there no railing on this airship!? Sol looks ready to jump after her and Aigis is holding him back. Vata is still onboard. I guess I can live with saving his life seeing as how he saved ours and probably was behind that bit of sabotage.

Sol pleads with Eve to save her.

We cut to Sarah falling headlong out of the sky. Just in time, Barbara shows up onboard her Drake to snag Sarah out of the air and return her to the airship! Hooray for The Cavalry! Sarah is shaken up, but otherwise unharmed, of course.

Barbara says she heard the “cries of the land”, just like when the world was split and came to investigate. It must be about time for the world to rejoin.

The Imperial warship finally crashes into the ocean and sinks like a rock, killing all those scumbag Imperial mooks who totally can’t have families or be just collecting a paycheck. Dusk confronts Vata, asking him if this was his doing. Smart boy. Vata confirms his (and my) suspicions.

He says that he goes where the breeze carries him. Then he teleports away.

Sol is not happy to owe Vata one. By my count we actually owe him two.

Barbara returns to Dragon Valley, her job as a Big Damn Hero done, and we return to Mysidia aboard Eve. Dusk is nice enough to tell us that the shops should be reopened with new inventory. Now how does he know that?

Sol tries to call Sophia “gaunt girl” again, which nets him another lightning bolt to the face. He says he needs to stop doing that.

Sophia has a mission for us to the Great Cavern where we will unseal the ultimate white magic. Dusk accidentally calls Sophia “gaunt girl”, but fortunately for his continued existence Sophia has already left the room. This triggers a flashback for Dusk.

Sophia (who is apparently Older Than She Looks) is teaching a class full of white and black mages. A very young Alba drags poor Dusk in, announcing “here’s the scaredy-cat”. He says “I gotta learn magic from this gaunt girl?” and gets a lightning bolt to the face. Aigis is quite surprised that Dusk can laugh.

Sophia unlocks the one door in town we couldn’t open with her magic. Incidentally, it’s in roughly the same place the Serpent’s Pass was in Final Fantasy IV. She joins our party after lightning bolting Sol one last time for good measure.

Sol attracts all the Tsunderes.

Sophia is a Seer. She has white magic to level 8, black magic to level 6, and a special ability that restores HP to all party members. In other words, the opposite of Mask. Er, Elgo.

Well, that’s about enough for today. Next time: More heroic just in time rescues? Probably!


What's that Mask/[SPOILERS] guy made out of, Mythril?! With all the stuff he's been through, I'm starting to think that he's more than just an ordinary human...anyways, you're doing a great job so far. Best of luck with whatever comes next!
EndarkCuli 13th Sep 12
So, when the next installment coming?
rockmanx 28th Sep 12