Adventures in the IOS Dimension


Part Twenty: Wutai and ninjas

The Dark Warriors are sailing along in a boat. Alba wants to know when we'll find land, to which Graham replies that we're nearly there. A flashback reveals that Matoya gave us the boat and told us to seek the Fuga clan for aid against the Empire. The Fugas are ninjas, apparently. Matoya refuses to go with us, instead staying behind to finish the work of her adopted son.

Back on our ship, I get control of Alba. She tries to steer the boat, but Nacht won't let her. She teases Glaive about his (lack of) progress with Diana. And she helps out Diana by killing three rats that have infested belowdecks. All that exhausting work done, she catches a catnap.

When she wakes up, talking to Nacht will prompt him to say "land ho".

We land in Wutai. Well, it's probably not actually called that, but it fits the trope. The people here seem to be obsessed with two things: gender roles and hunting (which is male only, naturally). The elder here claims he's never heard of the Fuga, but his son Tobikage acts very hostile and suspicious when we bring it up.

His son looks a lot like the ponytail ninja from Gawain's flashback, actually. He just has red hair instead of blue.

One of the Elder's servants reveals that the Elder actually has two sons, but one is currently disgraced. Hmmm.

From here we go to the Moonlight forest just like everyone in town urged us not to. Inside we are periodically shadowed by a mysterious figure with a ponytail that Nacht can't quite get a look at.

At the forest exit, a wolf runs by, startling the party. Just as they decide that the wolf must have been what was scaring them all along, the screen pans up to ponytail standing on top of some trees under the full moon. He jumps down and back attacks us.

After a few rounds of using Blitz on us, he uses a smoke bomb and escapes after telling us to leave these lands.

From here we go to the village of Mitagi, where the people are even more hunting obsessed, if that's possible. Sixth level magic is available here, so we increase our repertoire. Tobikage is also here. He apparently Took a Shortcut.

He wants to know what we want with the Fuga and Nacht replies that we want their help against the Empire. To which he replies that his people are the Fuga. Glaive reveals that they were attacked by a one-armed bandit in the woods, whom Tobi reveals is Jinnai, a disgraced outlaw who has sold out to the Empire. Alba says that capturing him seems like a good way to earn Fuga's trust.

I've got a bridge to sell you guys...

It seems Jinnai is hiding out in Akame Valley. Next stop: Cain and Abel brothers.

Partway through the dungeon we find Jinnai surrounded by four other ninjas. They tell him to give up and that the punishment for betrayal is death. ...Wait, what's his incentive to give up here?

The ninjas charge him, but he kills them all with one blow, and then vanishes in a swirl of leaves. Nacht sums it up in his usual laconic way: "After him."

We catch up to him shortly at the top of the mountain. He tells us to leave the island before we get in over our heads, and vanishes again. Tobi shows up with four ninja mooks. He orders them to start searching for Jinnai.

We start to join the hunt, but Diana has an epiphany before we get too far: if Jinnai is an evil bandit, why didn't he attack us? Graham pipes up and says he sensed no anger from him.

Yep, you guys were totally played for fools.

The ninjas we meet on the way down think it's impossible that Jinnai could be heading for the Cave of Trials, so of course that's where he's headed.

On the other side of the mountain is a moogle who tells us about an island with a water god, so we're off to get Leviathon.

Next time: One-armed ninjas and the brothers who want them dead.


Welp. That'll teach them for underestimating a handicapped ninja.
rockmanx 12th Sep 12
Yep, you should never underestimate a handicapped person in an RPG. Odds are they're way more powerful than any whole person.
ccoa 13th Sep 12