Adventures in the IOS Dimension


Part Sixteen: The halfway mark

Mt. Gulg doesn't look much like an Imperial base. There's just a lot of lava and a lot of monsters. At least until we get halfway through, where we find lots of Imperial soldiers who really want us dead. There's also a lot of machinery here. It seems the Empire is using the whole volcano as a geothermal energy plant for some unknown (but probably nefarious) goal.

Well, we can't have that, so we hurry up to the control room. There are some stronger guards here, but nothing we can't handle.

Graham examines the equipment, then draws his sword and strikes it. Things start exploding and the whole volcano starts shaking. Oops.

Glaive is smarter than he looks, because he uses the computer to open a previously locked door. Nacht and co run for the exit, and make it out just in the nick of time.

But that isn't the end of our troubles. Baugauven shows up, and he's calling Graham "Sigurd". He also seems amused that he has to take care of "four more brats." Diana correctly guesses that he's talking about Sol, and is overjoyed that her friend and brother must be alive. Baugy is only too happy to tell her that Sol and friends are dead.

These Imperial generals need to work on their communication problems. If he'd talked to Vata or Styx lately, he'd know that Sol is most definitely not dead.

At any rate, Graham reveals that Baugauven is the one who attacked Falgabard and killed everyone. It's revenge time.

The boss battle actually isn't too difficult until he goes to use Final Backdraft, which does 9999 damage to everyone. Ow. Graham gets us and attacks again while he's on fire.

Despite having 0 HP, he beats the ever loving crap out of Baugauven, causing him to retreat. Graham then... falls apart?

It seems that he was always an empty suit of armor. The sword was controlling it, and contains the soul of Graham. Baugauven caught Sigurd and Graham and killed them both. In order to get revenge and keep his promise to protect Nacht, Graham transferred his soul to a sword and possessed Sigurd's armor.

Well, that explains who he was talking to in that graveyard waaaay back at the beginning of the game.

The sword and armor start to glow, and then levitate to Nacht. We get Graham's Sword, Sigurd's Armor, and the Dark Knight job. Alba and Diana try to comfort Nacht, but Glaive just says to leave him alone.

End Chapter 2. Since there's only one more chapter, I'm guess this puts us a little over the halfway mark. Phew!

We're back in the lab with the mad scientist, whose name is apparently Dr. Lugae. He's fiddling around with Argy, and says that tonight she's going to learn the names of all the stars. Cid shows up, tells Dr. Lugae to stop treating Argy like his child, and commandeers her.

We cut to Rusalka, where the party is saying their goodbyes to Eduardo. I can't say I'm unhappy to see him go. We board Bikke's ship, because he has nothing better to do than ferry us around.

Sol wants to take the fight to the Empire, but both Bikke and Aigis talk some sense into him. Just then, an airship flies by headed for Fabrica. After it!

Onboard the airship, Cid continues to Kick the Dog by telling Lugae that Argy is nothing but a machine. He grabs her to haul her off, and Lugae tells him to stop being so rough with her. Cid responds by bitch slapping him.

Argy apparently doesn't like people hitting her father figure, because she starts powering up her weapons to blast Cid. Unfortunately, his guards get in the way, and she only ends up blasting them and herself off the airship, much to the distress of poor Dr. Lugae.

Sol and co land near Fabrica, where we send Bikke off on his merry way before the Imperials spot his ship and blow him out of the water.

This seems like a good stopping point, so we'll save here and continue another time.

Next time: Robot girls and the mad scientists who love them.


Mt. Gulg...I think that one's a reference to the original Final Fantasy. It's like they put all the names of places and important people from the first six Final Fantasy games into a blender, poured the bits and pieces into a hat, and then just randomly pulled out pieces in order to construct the basic plot of this thing.

Anyways, this blog is still doing great, and I hope to see more soon.
EndarkCuli 7th Sep 12
...Checking the page on the FF wiki says that yes, you are roughly halfway done with the game at this point.
Hunter1 8th Sep 12
Yep, Mt. Gulg is the volcano where you fight the Fire Fiend in FFI. Although there's a metric ton of Mythology Gags here, the plot is actually fairly original. Just not too deep, but that's because it's emulating the pre-VI Final Fantasies.
ccoa 8th Sep 12