Adventures in the IOS Dimension


Part Twelve: Talk like a pirate

After some grinding, I retry my battle against Asmodai. I have to say, this battle's outcome is largely luck-based. He has attacks that can cause party-wide slow, confusion, paralysis, or poison, and the only accessory you'll have at this point is one to prevent poison - the least dangerous of the four. Surviving this battle is largely about getting lucky with who and how much of your party is incapacitated or turned against you.

We manage to kill him this time. But because The Battle Didn't Count, he's fine afterwards and able to teleport away.

Poor Gramps dies with his wife and child standing near him, his memories finally restored. *sniff* A seed from Yggdrasil begins to glow and transforms into a crystal, which showers us with sparkles. We learn the Ranger job. Which is good, because Glaive is out of JP and classes to learn, and the others are close.

We cut to a dock somewhere, where the blond bard we saw earlier is playing his harp. He is startled by something splashing in the water, and looks out to see a mermaid.

Wow, mermaids. I don't think they've been around since Final Fantasy I.

The bard, whose name is apparently Eduardo, thinks the mermaid is very beautiful, but she disappears under the water. There's a time cut, where we see him again on the same dock, still looking for her. A mysterious figure in a blue robe (gee, wonder who that could be?) appears, and says she must be very important to him.

We cut back to Deist, where Barbara and Ceres are paying their respects at Abel's grave. She is planning to stay behind to protect Deist and Ceres's egg, but she gives us a lift to the nearby port town of Capo so we can continue our journey.

Capo is a town under seige by pirates. They've closed down the port and no one is allowed to leave. They're in our way, and there's only one thing to do to people who get in your way in an RPG: beat them senseless. We barge into the bar and beat the crap out of them, causing them to flee with their tails between their legs.

That accomplished, I take a look around town. There's a Rift here that takes us back to Dragon's Roost, where I find a Bonus Dungeon I missed the first time around: Cave of Fulmination. Given the lightning theme, it's not hard to guess what's at the bottom. So it's no surprise that there's a man with long, white hair, a mustache, and beard at the bottom.

Sol tells him it's too dangerous for an old man to be in such a dangerous place (tactful, ain't he?), but Aigis recognizes the old man for what he is: Ramuh the Eidolon. Ramuh, like all summons, has nothing better to do with his time but sit in dungeons and test travelers, preferably with a battle to the death.

Ramuh is not as hard as Titan (really, the Light Warriors side in general is easier than the Dark), so we get him without any problems. Back to Capo!

We head over to the dock, where we find there are still pirates left after all. They refuse to let us use the dock, but the pirates from the bar show up and tell him he should be careful. He tells us he can't do anything without permission from the boss, so we follow him to meet this "boss".

The pirates set sail with us aboard to go to the cleverly named Pirate Island. They won't let us see the way, so we're "asked" to go below decks and use one of the cabins. Sol, never one to let things like his life being in danger get in the way of a good nap, suggests we sleep to pass the time. After some argument, the rest agree.

The pirate boss lives at the bottom of a cavern which is stocked to the gills with monsters. Of course.

Okay, what the heck is it with people letting man-eating monsters share their domiciles? Seriously! Well, at least we get the pleasure of robbing the pirates of their booty.

At the bottom of the cave is an inn, tavern (of course), and item shop. It's cheaper to get a tent and rest at the save point than to stay at the inn, so that's just what we do. Now we're off to see the boss.

The pirate boss's name is Bikke. When we tell him we want to free Capo, he says that we're the ones he's been looking for, and orders his men to capture us. They back attack us, the sneaky little bastards.

But they're wimps, so a little taste of Ramuh and a few hits is all it takes to make that little problem go away. Not one to give up easily, Bikke attacks us himself. Asskicking Equals Authority is in effect here, as he's a much tougher fight. He tends to summon two pirates to help him out periodically, as well.

We still manage to beat him, and Sol nabs a Mythril Knife off him to add insult to injury. After being beaten, he now refers to Sol as "Cap'n" and readily agrees to free the port. Dusk asks why he was looking to capture us, and he says it was an "Imperial Witch" who told him to do it. He was supposed to take us to Rusalka.

We get 3 JP for our trouble. Yay!

We head back out of the pirate hideout, where we tell Bikke to take us to Capo. Halfway there, Aigis tells Bikke to change course. We're going to Rusalka and pulling the old Wookie Prisoner Gambit.

And with that we go to Rusalka.

Next time, on Dimensions: Is the bard spoony?