Arrowstorm's Weekend Webcomics



''Taiki'' [Trope Page] is a humorous slice-of-life webcomic done in black and white which deals with a high-school student coming to grips with her sexuality and generally interacting with her friends and fellow classmates.

And it is a damn good webcomic. I absolutely love it. It. Is. Amazing. Why? The characters. The characters are so well written that they drive the story perfectly. And they work together so well that it just... works. Iím struggling to find words to express how much I like these characters. Theyíre believable, relatable, enjoyable and so very human. They have strengths and weaknesses, they have flaws and their personalities and attitudes just... click together into an amazing comic. Iím gushing, I know. I canít help it, I like it that much.

Iíve been trying for the past couple of days to think of a few adjectives that really communicate what I think of the characters and the comic as a whole, and Iíve come up short. The only ones I can think of are Ďcuteí, Ďheart warmingí, Ďemotionalí, 'sweet' and Ďbelievableí, but none of those really gets my point across. All of them are true, but none of them really encapsulates my opinion as a whole. I like to have one or two concise words to sum up my opinion but I just canít find any to express how complexly simple and refreshing I find this webcomic. It does slice-of-life right.

The characters are unique, believable, relatable and... meaningful isnít quite the right word but itís close enough. Theyíre written and communicated so well that when I read Taiki, I donít see characters reacting to a plot, I see people reacting naturally. That is what slice-of-life should be. It should seem like youíre watching someoneís life, not watching a story play out according to a script. I canít quite put my finger on what it is that makes them works so damn well but it does. I suspect that itís mainly the writing behind them but at the same time itís so much more than that. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts and all that.

Itís just such an enjoyable read. I donít actually laugh out loud a lot at comics, but the entire time I was reading through Taiki I had this dumb grin on my face. I absolutely loathe that dumb look but I couldnít help it. Itís like a perpetual ďdawwĒ moment, and as a fairly stoic guy, making me go ďdawwĒ is an achievement to be admired.

I'm gushing like crazy right now, and I really donít like it when I gush, so Iím going to stop now before I start sounding like a squeeing fangirl and try to get myself back under control before I keep writing.

Thanks for reading. Now go read Taiki!