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Pokemon Green Nuzlocke 2: Electric Boogaloo
Pipping Fool

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Hey guys! Pipping Fool here again with another Pokemon Nuzlocke liveblog! This time of Pokemon Leaf Green! Hopefully this one won't suck major donkey dick like my Midori one.

Now, most of you already know what a Nuzlocke challenge is. So I'll skip the salad and go right to the risotto. These are the rules I'll be playing by!

This liveblog will also be a sequel to my Pokemon Midori liveblog challenge. As such, not only will there be Shout-Out s to my Green run and it's terrible sprites, but I will have one glorious chapter dedicated to what happened to my Green Nuzlocke challenge! Yay. Without further ado, let's jump right into my Pokemon Green Nuzlocke 2: Electric Boogaloo.
26th Jul '12 12:22:34 AM flag for mods
You softy, going with the immortal starter. :P
Saiga 26th Jul 12
PippingFool 26th Jul 12
Anomalocaris20 26th Jul 12
Well, if you're going to go with the immortal starter at least don't level grind as much as you did in your past Nuzlocke. :P
Saiga 26th Jul 12
You mean having level 20 Mons at Pewter?

Good times, good times.
PippingFool 27th Jul 12
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