Let's Play Pony Fantasy 6 Blind


The World of Ruin.

Hello again, and welcome to my LP. Last time, the apocalypse happened, and we only have Trixie left in the party. We have no idea what has happened to the others, but it has been a year now in a land of devastation. They could be anywhere.

Ah well, lets get to the nearby town. I wonder what post apocalyptic civilisation is like?

Hey, It's Alhoof! The town isn't looking to well, but it's nice to know it still exists. I wonder if the other towns still exist too.

Shops are here. It's like a normal town, it seems, though in bad need of better maintenance. I guess building materials are hard to come by, with the large lack of trees and all.

"Anyone who opposes Discord gets his or her town fried by the Light Of Judgement". This sounds bad. How powerful is Discord now?

Apparently, when the world was ripped apart, many long sealed monsters were released, like Phunbaba, Doom Gaze and the 8 dragons. The 8 dragons seal away a powerful beast themselves, called Crusader.

There is a tower nearby here, created on the day of Ruin.

Huh, apparently a Unicorn that looks like Trixie has been through here looking for her friends. She went north, to Baltimare. I'll guess I head that way too then. Off to the overworld!

Wait, Alhoof? Baltimare? This is the empire Contenent, Isn't it? Or what is left of it, anyway. It's alot different now.

The overworld monsters here are too strong for Trixie alone. I'm running away for now.

I see that tower mentioned before. It doesn't do anything right now though. Hmm, judging from the location of other towns, this is where Stalliongrad was, isn't it? Mind you, I don't know how shuffled this place is.

OK, I've made it to Baltimare.

A random pony says that the serpent trench is now above water, and that the 'Cult of Discord' have built a tower there. What, Ponies follow that Asshole?

OK, up the stairs into the town and... Ah! Sirens and a flashing light covers the town! (That actually made me jump -_-)

Everyone is fleeing...

Oh, this is the light of judgement, isn't it?

Wait, Luna is here? She's holding up a house that is about to collapse. She wants me to run in and rescue a foal inside before it does collapse. OK then!

OK, timer, I have 6 minutes! Run!

Why are there monsters in his house?! Just run from them, It's faster!

Ok, perhaps looting chests is a bad idea, It's a monster chest! Just normal monsters though, I can handle it.

Sigh, Trixie's magic has been sorely neglected. She really needs better spells.

Wait, the time still counts down in the menu?! No one told me this! I just wanted to peacefully heal!

OK, I have the child, now lets get out of here!

OK, I'm out. Luna stops holding up the house, and lets go. It collapses.

Trixie complements Luna on her Alicorn power, and says they can now look for their friends. Luna agrees, saying they will defeat discord once and for all!

Now I have a Luna!

Well, the town is scorched from the Light of Judgement, but relatively unharmed otherwise.

OK, the serpent trench is to the east. Ponyville is even farther east. That place got hit bad by the Light of Judgement though. Most parents died, trying to save their foals...

North of the serpent trench lies Hoofington. Ships still sail there.

OK, off east I guess.

Heh, I found a secret Chocobo stable, Hidden in a small wood area. Time to ride! I can safely explore this continent now!

Well there is a bridge here. It crosses to what I guess is the serpent trench. It's part of the overworld now.

Looking at the minimap, I can go west to two towns, or east to one. I go east.

It's ponyville! It really is messed up bad...

Dogs? Guard dogs, I guess. A foal leaves one of the few remaining houses, and calls out that someone is coming.

I don't enter that house, but instead enter the shop. No shopkeeper, but there is a free bed in the back.

Now I enter the house. Empty? There is a basement though, so lets enter that. I find a cave, and it's full of foals. Very few adults, though...

One of the foals stops us from entering, saying we will have to fight our way in. I'd rather not fight these kids, myself...

Someone calls out "Wait!". Its Twilight! The kids calls her mama. She adopted them? I guess they have no other family now...

Twi is glad to see the party, saying she missed them.

Trixie asks Twi join her in stopping Discord. Twi just runs into a nearby room. Huh?

Well, I explore this room. The only two other adults here are in fact Lyra and Bonbon! Twi rescued them, and they do not wish to leave there home town.

Hmm, almost everyone in the town here passed away...

I talk to Twi again. She says she just doesn't have any fight left in her. Apparently, Ponyville was the first town to be hit with the Light of Judgement. All the adults died trying to save their children from the light, or from the ground being torn apart during the ruination of the world. Twi came to the town after the disaster, and found it full of nothing but children. She hung up her weapons, and taught them how to survive best she could.

Lyra comes into the room. She angrily says that we can't take Twi away from them. Bonbon comes in and makes Lyra leave the room. Bonbon apologises for Lyra, adding that it is just that is we take away Twi, we would be taking away the towns spirit of survival.

Twi says that being here has given her a purpose while fighting has given her nothing but sorrow. She says she wants to stay.

She says that this is the second time in her live she has a choice, and she chooses peace.

Sigh, It looks like I don't get Twilight back. I'm not sure I would even given the choice though...

I leave. The camera pans back to Twi. A Foal runs up. He says Help! Phunbaba is coming!

Twi leaps into action, and leaves the house. Phunbaba Is apparently an ancient demon which was supposed to be sealed away for all of time. But nope, he is here, he is attacking, he is... Iron Will? the Minotaur from the show?


OK then.

Anyway, battle time! With Twi!


I got in one attack. It did zero damage. He attacked, and did enough damage to KO Twi in one.

OK, I think I was supposed to lose that.

Well, My party can run back to help. Phunbaba/Iron Will returns and attacks before they can make Twi wake up.

This time, I can do damage.

He is Lightning element it seems. Trixie's Unicorn Ability should come handy here to absorb the lightning.

Right, My tactic here seems to be have Luna attack, and heal his physical attacks if needed, and have Trixie absorb his magic. I just need to remember that Trixie's unicorn absorbs all magic, even my healing cast on anyone, so I need to use Luna's Ansatsu skill, since she has learned a healing move.


He may have OHKO'ed Trixie... Rez her please Luna.

Damn, every time I get her up, Iron will just attacks her again to OHKO her...

Damn It, Just attack him!

What? He ran away... Well, we get Twilight inside and into bed, where she wakes up.

Twi says that she has lost her fighting edge. She isn't kidding either.

She says she is staying here. She just can't bring herself to fight anymore, and besides, the children need her.

Well, Time to leave... Hey! One of the kids gave us something That Phunbaba/Iron Will dropped. It's magicite!

Well, back to the overworld, and off westward!

Ah, nearby to the town is another secret Chocobo stable. I think I'm getting good at finding them, as they are always in forests, and there are so few forests left now that there is a good chance there will be one in the ones left if I explore it a bit. Good, lets ride!

Hmm. I see a tower, but It is completely surrounded by mountains with no way in. A job for the airship? I presume I get a new one later.

Ah, I have arrived at Hoofington! I think this is where I should end off.

Until next time! ^_^


You can come back for her later.
AceOfScarabs 3rd Aug 12
Yeah, a lot of the early part of the World of Ruin is finding your old party members and figuring out a way to get them to re-join you.

However, some, like Twilight/Terra, require you to leave them for a bit and come back later after you do something.
Hunter1 3rd Aug 12
Bad News: It'll take plenty of time and exploration in order to rediscover the people you liked/used the most, and the few ponies that the plot just hands back will probably need to level grind in order to survive.

Good News: You've already got two semi-decent magic users, your cheerfulness at the situation is really reassuring, and even without any knowledge of this part of the game, I have a pretty good idea where Pinkie Pie probably went back to...

This liveblog has been quite funny and informative thus far, and I certainly hope that things keep going well for you!
EndarkCuli 3rd Aug 12