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Psyga 315

Part 5: Our heroine, ladies and gentlemen!

Recap time: Oriko/Kirika ship is confirmed. Mami still goes for her "aim for the soul gem" attack. And that's about it.

Oriko has her flashback now, which is pretty much how she's popular and all that. Then her father killed himself. I find this pretty lulzy.

Assemblyman Mikuni Hisaomi of the **** Party...

I am sorry, when ever I see asterisks all lined up, especially four asterisks, I always think that it's a dirty word. Assemblyman Mikuni Hisaomi of the Fuck Party. {laughs wildly at it}. Oh, yeah, Hisaomi killed himself because he was taking money or something. Back to Mami...

She asks Kyabay if he knew who the killer was the whole time, and Kyabay said that he had some idea, but wasn't sure. Mami concludes that Oriko might be using her magic to take over the world.

M. Bison: OF COURSE!

You guys saw that coming, admit it. Kirika and Oriko have what I can probably sum up as a Hostile Show Takeover and raid the school. Cut to Madoka and Sayaka who wonder what the hell is going on, and Homura tells her not to worry. Kyabay, however, figures out Oriko's plan and decides that he's going to dispose of her. Huh, didn't expect Kyabay of all people to take matters into his own hands. Oriko tells the students that the world is in danger and that she will take it on. Then she summons a Witch. Well, the Witch's familiars, but these Familiars have top hats and look silly. In fact, come to think of it, half of these Witches look silly. And there's only like, five, in this one! Oh, yeah, and the familiars eat that teacher. Oh no. Not the teacher. She was my favorite character. Okay, seriously, she appeared like, once or twice in the Madoka manga. Are we supposed to mourn for her?

"Well, in that case," Urobuchi said, picking up some more familiars. "Let's put them on Madoka!" and so the Familiars attach themselves onto Madoka next. And then Homura comes and shoots them. She then declares that her mission is clear: to kill any who stand in her way. Uh, Homura, you might scar your friend there if you go all dark and mysterious on her.

Mami goes off and tries to find the Witch, hopefully ending the conflict. Then she gets bound in this... checkerboard thing? Oh, but Kyouko and Yuma come by to save her, saying that Kyubey told them to come. Hey guys, missed you and all that, now can you go and kick ass now?

Back to Homura, as she kills the familiars, with Madoka being scared. She asks Homura why she only saved her and not the other students. She brings up a valid point, but this falls on deaf ears as Homura then locks Madoka up in a barrier and goes off fighting. Our heroine, ladies and gentlemen! Homura then goes to confront Oriko and Kirika and ask them to remove the barrier. Though she decided to blow them to hell anyways. Oriko explains that she knew that Homura would stop them. She then explains why she is doing all this: To save the world. To do this, she must kill Madoka, because if she doesn't, she'll contract with Kyubey and become Kriemhild Gretchen. Homura doesn't like that one bit and decides to fight, with Yuma, Mami, and Kyouko entering the fray.

Kirika decides that she can't win a four on one battle as just a human and decides to actively go One-Winged Angel. Make your own "Look at my true form and despair!" joke here. She transforms into... PFFFFFFFFFFT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? We did it. We went 4 for 5. Four silly Nightmare Retardant Witches. Today is a glorious day for Narm-seekers. We end it on that by the way, so I'm going to take some time trying to stop myself from laughing to death.


Yeah, judging from the amount of asterisks, I'd say it was the Diet Party.
nomuru2d 12th Jun 12
Aaaaaaah. That makes sense.
Psyga315 12th Jun 12
While Madoka is right that Homura shouldn't only protect her, Homura's response- that she can't protect everyone (Mami also says something to that effect), but even so, wants to keep her best friend safe, and doesn't want to hear Madoka tell her not to protect her- was quite poignant, and I honestly sympathized with the sentiment behind it.
Valiona 23rd Nov 14