Memories of a Sleeping King: A Breton Europa Universalis AAR


The Tale of Two Popes

November 6th, 1400

Jean sat before the missive. This morning, Maine had capitulated upon the sight of 5000 fresh Bretons outside the castle. Once more, not a man lay dead. It had been an incredibly easy victory and it was a matter of time before Provence similarly fell. They had all they had sought to gain and it was a matter of time before the war was over, but the parchment below promised to throw a complication at them; Their Navy, comprised of Carracks had been defeated by the small water Galleys off the coast of Gibralter. Their size and speed allowed them a great deal more maneuverability which let them surround and capture one of his Carracks. He ought to have ordered them to wait by Galicia, where the waves would be less kind to them but he was reckless. There was still a chance for revenge on the retreat but the issue now as that without a doubt Naples was headed North to Brittany.

Bohemia had entered open war with the Pope in Italy. Just as it seemed the tension between the two Popes had calmed, the Holy Roman Emperor suddenly switches sides, in favour of the Frankish Pope. Often their relations had been cold but an open war between Emperor and Roman Pope seemed a worrying sign to Jean. Perhaps the Papacy of Avignon was gaining ground? His speech had pledged lip service to the Anti-Pope of Avignon, promising to seat him upon the throne but this seemed an unlikely outcome, far more likely this was a cynical attempt at reestablishing the Emperor's authority in Italy. At least without risking plunging all Christiandom into bloody war.

Would Phillipe the Bold be willing to enter this strange Crusade of Christians against their Pope? Further would Jean himself be called in time? It would be a while yet but turbulent times lay ahead not just for Brittany but Europe.

But there was little time for contemplation. His objectives seized and Provence doomed, he sent an envoy south. Himself, he readied himself to head south to aid his Savoyan allies. Provence would fall soon and with that taken care of, he could head north once more if the Neapolitans were blind enough to launch an assault themselves. Naples was still in fighting condition but if Louis had any love for his provencal subjects, he would recognize Jean's authority over Maine and Anjou.


Maine fell very quickly. Quicker than I anticipated. This gives me a lot of sway. I noticed from the boats they have only two troops moving north, so the plan for now, is to march south [through Berry, Burgundy and Savoy because the French are bastards] to Provence and sack it with Savoy then either recruit militias to combat their amphibious assault or if things look desperate, pull my soldiers up north. For now, I'm just throwing peace agreements at them where I don't really care too much.
Fauxlosophe 13th Jun 12
You can also annex Provence for a rather pithy amount of infamy, if you so desire a port on the Med.
rabbitRider 16th Aug 12