Memories of a Sleeping King: A Breton Europa Universalis AAR


Three Dukes before the King.

December 9th, 1399

Jean stood outside the estates, arguing with a young upstart. Over head was a newly commissioned tapestry, it depicted the history of Brittany from Noble Hoel to the fall of Loegria to the sinking of Ys, yet the proud Ermine looked forward to see the star, marching onwards to a bright future.

Paol looked about. He knew some men as his neighbours. They seemed still as children playing dress up, soldiers in uniforms too large for them, yet they stood next to the experienced reigments now. There was no denying any more that they were soldiers.

-The act can wait, the lords in Eireann need our support

-We have no right to enter, Aourgen.

-England is weak. You know as well as I do that it is a matter of time before their attention falls to France, take the chance then to seize them.

-No, no. The Plangetets are undisputed masters of the sea. Any attempt to combat them ends with our fleet scattered and our men swimming home. Our eyes must instead turn to Anjou and Maine.

-Again Jean? Sulio shook his head, It is more healthy to focus upon the defence of our realm at your age. Think of your child.

-I am.

-What's the point of levying these men if he intends to sit at peace? Aourgen interupted.

Sulio opened his mouth when a herald's trumpet blew outside. Jean emerged to greet the noble, when he found the Count of Savoy himself.

-Jean mon ami, I bring you news from the south.

-Come, enter Amadeus. What tidings do you bring?

-I bring you offerings of an alliance. A triumvate to protect against French ambitions.

-You bring word from the Pope of Avignon?

-None, he is silent. France is his greatest Patron after all. I was refering to Burgundy.

-I would expect your aid in a war against Provence then.

-I'm interested in preservation, not sacrificing good souls for your old ambitions.

-Preservation requires expansion, Amadeus. Phillipe understands, his troops already surround Bar.

-Bohemia protects them.

-We will ensure that they do not enter the war.

-Talk to us once you have seen to that and I will take it into consideration.

-Until then, do we have an alliance?

-Upon my life and faith in Christ.

-Let it be then.


Normally Avignon helps out too. :(

Also the lack of Anti-Pope in this game is disappointing. Historically Brittany went to Avignon but this game only has them as some afterthought of an archbishopric.

Eitherway, we're well on our way to war against Naples. We start with cores on Maine and Anjou which begin in Provence's possession and Provence starts in personal union with Naples. If I'm lucky, the war goes smoothly and ends quickly but sometimes we get an interesting string of alliances. On a practice run before this [first time with a no rage quit rule], I managed to beat France along the way.

Anyway, let's see how this goes. Soldiers are ready, all I need is a diplomat and then it is time for war.
Fauxlosophe 31st May 12 (edited by: Fauxlosophe)