The Liveblog of Time: The Dragon Reborn


Chapter 21: A World of Dreams

After a quite evocative overview of Egwene’s new Doublemeat Palace life, she’s summoned by Verin, and we get a good look at her incredibly cluttered quarters. She goes on about the parallel worlds again, before getting to how there’s a separate dream world running between all of them, that Egwene might be able to enter if she actually is a Dreamer. And Verin also gives her a mobius strip ring that the last Dreamer used to get in, which no one else knows about. This is getting better all the time.

Another great twist to this story, and of course I love just seeing more of Verin. The long description of all the stuff she has lying around really has me longing for artwork. And I really don’t want to wait to see where this goes, so I hope the next chapter is still with Egwene.


There's going to be A LOT more about the dreamworld.

And ah, Verin. Best character by far.
Arilou 11th Jun 12
If you want artwork, there is a book which describes the entire world of the series up to book 8-ish. There are spoilers of course though.
Sabbo 11th Jun 12
Verin is possibly the greatest personification of the idea that while Brown Aes Sedai are portrayed as light-headed, they are just as intuitive as the others, if not more.
Tropethorn 11th Jun 12