The Liveblog of Time: The Dragon Reborn


Chapter 18: Healing

Not much to really talk about here; Siuan removes the dagger from Mat, and we just watch the process. Just a couple notable things: there’s a White named Brendas who’s given enough attention that she’ll probably be important, and Mat starts shouting like he’s a general from Manetheren, hinting that their alliance with Tar Valon wasn’t as friendly as we’ve been told.

Jordan tries his best to make this a disturbing and harrowing sequence, but I never really doubted that it would work. Mat’s one of the ta’veren, and it would be one hell of an Anti-Climax to kill him now after spending about two books’ page length getting him here. But the stuff about Manetheren is quite intriguing, as I have no idea where it could be going. Maybe time travel?


Not quite, but kind of. Although I don't think they *really* get into that until book 4-5.
Arilou 8th Jun 12
Queue: Mat now becoming the best character in the book.
Tropethorn 8th Jun 12
Well, series.
Tropethorn 8th Jun 12
I hope Eegah doesn't experience Hype Backlash.
montagohalcyon 8th Jun 12
He'll get a bit of it I think, but when you think about it, Mat's change was for the most part a gradual thing. Barring a certain upcoming scene, I don't think everything quite shifts into place until he goes through the second door.
Sabbo 8th Jun 12
For me, this was his first step on the road to Wrestlemania. Er, awesomeness.
Tropethorn 9th Jun 12
Oh yes, definitely the first step; there's no doubt there, I think.
Sabbo 9th Jun 12