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The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt

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Chapter 50: After
The final chapter is just a single page, about how the word spreads about what just happened. A bit superfluous, but it lets things feel a little more epic.

The Great Hunt is an improvement on The Eye of the World. After that book wandered around trying to introduce us to as many different places and cultures as it could, this one is allowed to have a much tighter story, with every subplot converging quite naturally on the Malignant Plot Tumor of the Seanchan. Thereís still a bit of that aimlessness here, but it all ends up with a service to the larger story. Itís also clear that Jordan was much more confident in letting the series spread out, with Thom and Seleneís little stories that just disappear once we leave Cairhien to be picked up later. Thereís still some issues regarding the catfighting over Rand and I wish the Domon and Geofram stories had gotten a bit more pagetime, but it shows a much stronger sense of the seriesí identity and taking these characters in new directions. I can only hope this keeps up.

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The Seanchan aren't just a throwaway villain for this book though, remember how they're the Forerunners, preparing for the Return?

Well... T He Return isn't here yet.
Arilou 24th May 12
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