The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 46: To Come Out of the Shadow

Nynaeve’s plan works like a charm, as they all waltz right in and up to Egwene’s room, where she takes quite some pleasure in Seta’s predicament, since she was particularly nasty to her damanes. After Egwene is freed, Renna comes in, and we get a double Crowning Moment of Awesome as Egwene first hits her with a water pitcher, like she tried to do before and couldn’t take a drink for three days as a result, and then uses the collar on her, almost killing her until Nynaeve convinces her that leaving both of them in the collars, which they’ll have a fun time explaining to whoever finds them, is the most fitting punishment.

Outside is when things go to hell, as Egwene panics at the sight of a Seanchan army and launches a huge attack on them. This gets the damanes’ attention and they send a ton of fireballs and lightning bolts to the area, which both Domon and Geofram see before we get to Rand. He senses that Egwene is in trouble and wants to go back, but first Ingtar admits that he brought Fain to Fal Dara on the Dark One’s orders, having grown tired of defending people who didn’t think Trollocs existed, and this whole time he’s been trying to make up for that by getting the Horn back. So now he’s going to invoke Redemption Equals Death, and Rand accepts and forgives him in a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming before heading off.

First off: Jordan does his best to impart to us that Egwene’s Kick the Son of a Bitch with Renna isn’t something we should be happy about, and borders on a Moral Event Horizon. Well, to hell with that. They’ve both given this out to who knows how many others, and it’s all fictional anyway, so I see no reason why I should feel bad about this. Okay, moving on. This whole thing was a blast, with a quite fitting comeuppance, tying together every storyline via Red Skies Crossover, and a twist with Ingtar I didn’t see coming at all. I really hope he does survive, because he’s now a lot more interesting, and the guilt he’d have afterwards would be great to play off of.


So, was this Ingtar shift because Portal Stone alternate lives scene or not? Can't remember.
wheelreader 22nd May 12
It wasn't Fain he let in, it was the assassin who shot at Rand. From the description he's a Gray Man, who you'll see officially introduced in the next book.

(btw, I love how Jordan sneaks them into descriptive passages so you don't notice at first, just how they are in-universe)
montagohalcyon 22nd May 12
He talks about how he saw all kinds of alternate lives, but he didn't end up blowing the Horn in any of them, making him realize that his desire to redeem himself by doing that would also be considered "seeking glory" like the person who does it isn't supposed to.
Eegah 23rd May 12