The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 45: Blademaster

Nynaeveís group ambushes a Seanchan named Seta and frees her damane, who punches her before running off. The plan was for Nynaeve to put on her clothes while Elayne pretends to be her damane, but Nynaeve tests it on Seta and is so disgusted that she decides Seta herself will do, with a quite satisfying Oh, Crap! moment when she realizes the collars will work on anyone, not just Aes Sedai, helped with a killer "The Reason You Suck" Speech from Nynaeve. About time she got another really likable scene.

After briefly checking in with Domon, whoís just waiting on his ship, Randís group arrives in town and after a pretty funny tease of them crossing paths with Nynaeve and Seta, Mat senses the dagger in Turakís house. They sneak in through the back garden and find both the Horn and the dagger, but itís a trap by Turak. Mat stabs one of the soldiers with the dagger, resulting in him appearing to burn to death; weíll probably be seeing that a few more times. Then everyone runs off until itís Rand versus Turak, who has his own heron sword, and what we get is basically the climax of the lesser known Jackie Chan film The Young Master, with all of Randís training not doing much good, so finally he just goes Attack! Attack! Attack!, not worrying about his technique at all as long as heís moving forward. And with that, he quickly kills Turak in another Crowning Moment of Awesome. Luckily, the Seanchan servants are no trouble at all and some even kill themselves, and everyone gets away, though Rand has spotted Egwene and swears to return.

You know, I enjoyed the whole fight a lot while reading it, but looking back now, it seems a lot less satisfying than Randís climax from book one. Unlike his showdown with the Dark One, he had no previous relationship with Turak, so what we get is just a standard brawl with no emotion behind it, and after Turak made such a good first impression, itís a huge letdown that this is all he gets to do. On the plus side, Nynaeveís scheme is off to a very promising start, enough that Iíd say the order of the scenes should probably have been switched.


This isn't Rand's climax yet, no sir.

So, I think you missed the important bit with the collars—it's not that they work on anyone, it's that sul'dam like Seta can actually channel, or at least learn to, and apparently nobody figured that out before.

Which means some of the most powerful members of Seanchan society outside the nobility are the same kind of people the Seanchan believe should be slaves.

This could have pretty big repercussions if word got out.
montagohalcyon 21st May 12
And thus you now know exactly what being a Blademaster means... although Rand's technique will still improve further.
Sabbo 22nd May 12