The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 44: Five Will Ride Forth

Perrin, Mat, and Hurin check out one village themselves, right as Geofram’s group also arrives. They get away, but Geofram still spots them and is now convinced they’re working with the Seanchan. But he’s also not too happy about whatever the Questioners have been having him do, so as he expects to die in the battle to come, he tells Byar to tell his son how it happened, and also make his complaints to the Whitecloaks’ leader. Yeah, that’ll go over real well.

Once everyone gets back to Ingtar, he decides the Whitecloaks should make a handy distraction while they sneak into Falme and get the Horn and the dagger. And Verin speaks up about the dragon prophecy’s bit about five going forth, which ends up being Rand, Mat, Perrin, Ingtar, and Hurin. And they’re sure to have a blast when they see what else has been going on.

So there’s the final part of the climax put into place, though this time there’s more going on. The Whitecloaks’ automatic assumption that everyone they don’t care for must all be working together is pretty amusing, and is probably going to be their downfall when that gets around to happening. We also get more of Perrin talking to wolves, and this time they’re ones who haven’t had any experience with this, so maybe he’ll have grown a whole army by the end of the next book.


Yeah, Whitecloaks are odd like that. Indeed, I could count the number who aren't on one hand.
Sabbo 20th May 12
...and four will come back. (or something like that) It's from the dark prophecy left in Fain's cell, I believe.

This is the part where you should be wondering who it will be but I completely missed out on the suspense because I forgot about the second bit.
montagohalcyon 20th May 12