The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 41: Disagreements

Ingtar’s group comes upon a deserted town attacked by the Seanchan, where they stop for the night and figure out what to do next. Ingtar orders that Hurin and some other men find some local clothes and do a sweep pattern looking for Fain’s trail, where I’m guessing they’ll run into Nynaeve and Elayne and we’ll have a whole fashion show. Then Rand has another dream of the Dark One, though this one has a welcome addition as he gives up to the Power, and barely keeps it from burning him up by thinking of the friends who still need him. And just like before, everything interesting is apparently being saved for the next chapter.

This one’s mostly filler, like we saw before, though now I have hope that the results the next time we see these guys will be just as interesting. We are fast approaching the climax, after all.


I got the impression that was actually one of the villages burned by the Questioners. Which is a thing. IDK what to say about it. Demonstrating that chaos is everywhere and no one knows what's going on I guess.
montagohalcyon 19th May 12