The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 34: The Wheel Weaves

Thom returns from the party at dawn, to find that Dena has been Stuffed into the Fridge, and he makes quick work of her killers. Thereís a whole interrogation with one, but itís pointless because Zera comes in and reveals that it was all lies and they were Galldrianís men. And Barthanes was killed and butchered, so now Thomís back in the game before things get back to him. Though I wish we didnít have to go through the Disposable Woman route.

Fain was dropped off by the Way at Falme. Ooh, this should be good! After torturing a few locals to learn about the Seanchan (because why just ask?) he heads into town and presents Turak with the Horn. After bullshitting his heart out about why heís doing it, Turak lets him stay for more fun conversation, just like Domon, and I canít wait to see those two together. He also says Rand is a Darkfriend whoís coming with Trollocs, though I donít know how he can make that seem real.

The Thom story was a real turn-off; couldnít he have left town just because of Galldrian wanting to get his hands on him, rather than inventing Dena as a Disposable Woman? Itís extra painful because I really liked her one scene, and it seemed like she had a lot below the surface that could be explored. Luckily, the Fain story is a lot better, working as a quite natural bridge to whatís been an extremely minor storyline. Plus, it lets us actually see Fain as someone whoís clever, rather than just the Complete Monster heís been before now.


I think the fact that Dena had so much potential was why she was gotten rid of. More impactful that way.
Sabbo 12th May 12
By the next book somebody has assassinated the king and plunged Cairhien into open civil war. Wonder who.

Sadly and in a completely unrelated note, whatever Thom does in his Roaring Rampage Of Revenge remains offscreen, as he is not seen again between now and meeting up with Mat. Biggest Missed Moment Of Awesome in the whole series right there.
montagohalcyon 12th May 12
^ Wow, that long without seeing Thom? Didn't even realize.
Sabbo 13th May 12