The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 26: Discord

Rand takes Loial to meet Thom, Hurin having to stay behind and watch the Horn and the rest of their stuff, though this also requires a good deal of prodding to get Loial to risk meeting other Ogier on the way there, hinting that there was a bit more to his leaving than heís said. Iím always up for that kind of thing.

In Thomís room they first meet his girlfriend Dena, who heís training to be a court bard, and sheís a bit testy but extremely skilled at juggling, able to keep it up through their whole conversation. When Thom comes in, he reveals that the noblemanís clothes Moiraine forced Rand into are part of a prophecy about the Dragon; figures. And heís now refusing to get involved again, with us even going into his viewpoint to see that he means it. So hey, I give myself a full point for that prediction. This also includes an old friend of his named Zera whoíll probably get involved in some way.

After finding out that Thom was alive last chapter, this one is all about reintroducing him, and the reminders of his backstory are worked quite naturally into the dialogue. And we also learn more about him, and Dena is pretty fun with her abrasive attitude mixed with a genuine love for him. Thereís no way that his staying out of things is going to stick, so I look forward to that.