The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 20: Saidin

Selene has now pretty much dropped all attempts at subtlety, and is just outright telling Rand to take the Horn out. He doesn’t fall for it, so she’s pissed off some more, and then complains about the town they come across. But before that, Rand finds a statue being excavated, including a giant glass ball that has some kind of effect on the One Power, hypnotizing Rand for a while until he almost falls into the pit. And Selene promptly tries to use this to get him to take the Horn and go away with her, and it doesn’t work again. They’ve got a real pattern going now.

A very short chapter that’s mostly just a Mind Screw as the giant ball screws with Rand’s head. It’s very good at actually feeling like a dream, hallucination, or whatever the hell it is, and now I’m quite interested in what's up with it. The rest is just an indication of how desperate Selene is getting, and if this goes on much longer she’ll probably go into a full Villainous Breakdown, so that should be fun.


You'll find out what's up with that in oh... Three books I think? It's actually a pretty major plot element for a couple of books.
Arilou 29th Apr 12
There's a fight involving it near the end of book four.
montagohalcyon 29th Apr 12