The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 16: In the Mirror of Darkness

Randís group comes upon the spot of the monument to Artur Hawkwing discussed a few chapters ago, and find that in this world, the Trollocs won that battle and presumably all killed each other. See, why couldnít this at least have been put in the last chapter to give it some purpose?

And more stuff actually happens, with Rand saving a woman from a bear-frog hybrid called a grolm, in what feels like a fight straight out of The Legend of Zelda. The girl is named Selene, and sheís also from Randís world, in Cairhien, and has no idea how she got here. And sheís also a Mary Sue of epic proportions; in fact, itís so over the top with Rand thinking over and over how beautiful she is and such that Iím absolutely sure sheís really evil. Iím calling that sheís Lanfear. This is supported by her trying to direct them away from the trail, and getting angry for the first time when Rand sticks to it. But thatíll have to wait, as a whole pack of grolm show up.

Yeah, just like I figured, the last chapter was complete filler, as the few important things from it could easily be put in here instead. Selene, or whoever she really is, has the potential to be really annoying, or very effective depending on how the reveal is pulled off. And no, Iím not leaving any room to think sheís telling the truth, because, well, have you read this chapter?


I might as well confirm that since I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be obvious to the reader and you guessed it. Just so you aren't expecting it to be The Reveal and get annoyed that it's dragged out.

Anyway, due to Rand being the reincarnation of the Dragon and Lanfear's previous relationship to Lews Therin, she's along to help him survive and push him toward his destiny (ruling beside her, of course). Note how she hinted that he should channel to kill the second, suspiciously-quickly-appearing grolm pack.

So Rand has a Forsaken as a sort-of ally. Speaking of which, most of the Forsaken scheme against each other as much as the heroes. After all, they come from a technologically and magically advanced age, no one's a match for them here except each other, right?
montagohalcyon 26th Apr 12 (edited by: montagohalcyon)
It is a Reveal of sorts, but I don't think it was meant to be particularly unobvious. At the very least Rand remains unaware until he's told otherwise, if I remember correctly.
Sabbo 27th Apr 12