The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 15: Kinslayer

Most of this chapter is just Rand, Loial, and Hurin trying to survive in the parallel universe, with few supplies and seemingly not a single other living thing in the world. It offers some nice bits like Rand continuing to grow into his leadership position by insisting on himself testing water from a river they find, but a lot just drags on. And then the Dark One shows up, apparently living outside the whole universe thing as heís spot on about what Randís been through, and they have the same conversation weíve seen a bunch of times before. Blah blah, join me or die, wonít be tempted, blah.

Really, not much to say here. I guess it was necessary to give us a deeper look at the parallel universe, but I donít know why Jordan apparently couldnít think of anything more interesting to put in along the way, and it turns out thereís really not much to this place, given the complete lack of any living things. Weíre just left with mysterious lines in the sky and burns on the ground as vague things to want to know about. And of course, Randís conversations with the Dark One are really monotonous by now, worth it only for what different scary thing Rand is put through at the end. Here itís fire, and then the usual discovery of an injury from it. Nothing else here.


There's a bit more to that alternate world than has been revealed so far. Part of it will be explained before they leave, while the other you'll only really understand later.
Sabbo 26th Apr 12