The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 11: Glimmers of the Pattern

Ingtar tells Rand that Moiraine convinced Agelmar to name him as the groupís new leader if Ingtar dies. That would have been awkward if he died before this. Moiraine also gave him a secret package to be given to Rand at this point, which he finds is the banner of Lews Therin. Mat and Perrin choose this exact moment to stumble across him, so finally Rand has to tell them everything. Itís a relief to have this over with, but Mat still has to spoil the moment by acting like Randís a time bomb, so heís taken a step back to being The Scrappy even without the dagger. Loial has also found that a stone at the campsite used to have writing on it, so thatís probably important but I have no idea how.

And then something Iím very surprised weíre getting this early: Fainís viewpoint reveals that all those direction changes were due to him fighting the Fade over where to go, and yesterday the dagger finally gave him the strength to kill the Fade. So now all the Trollocs and human Darkfriends are terrified of him, enough that he orders them to kill all the people they kidnapped at once and leave their heads for Ingtarís group to find. So heís now officially moved to being a Complete Monster, and Iím also excited that the book now has a concrete villain rather than the various minor bad guys in book one.

Now hereís a surprise: a chapter thatís all about resolving things I was sure would be played out through the whole book. And Fainís suddenly gotten a whole lot more interesting, and is apparently going to be the main villain of the book before being killed, probably by some group of Aes Sedai neutralizing the dagger, while another of the Forsaken steps in for book three.


Mat has a point, although we won't see less-than-fully-sane channelers for a long time.

The stone? Next chapter.

There will be, IIRC, six Forsaken in the next book. Although I don't think all of them are revealed as such yet.
montagohalcyon 22nd Apr 12
Yeah, your predictions have certainly been interesting to we who know how it actually happens.

But yeah. Mat's awesomeness doesn't really kick in until he's freed from the dagger. Until then: Scrappy! (Well, except for one scene around when the dagger is retrieved, for an unrelated reason. But that's average levels of awesome, not Mat levels of awesome. It also has more to do with characters other than Mat, even though Mat is the trigger.)
Sabbo 22nd Apr 12
Six, montagohalcyon? Hrm. I can't seem to think of who they all are. :/
Sabbo 22nd Apr 12
Well, I might be wrong. For one thing I'm not sure if Lanfear shows up or not.

But if I am remembering properly: Ishamael, Be'lal, Sammael, Rahvin...huh. Gosh dang it, I have no idea who I meant to be the last one. So four, maybe five.
montagohalcyon 22nd Apr 12
Rahvin shows up? Huh. Didn't remember that.

Lanfear on the other hand does show up, I think. Near the end.
Sabbo 22nd Apr 12