The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 1: The Flame of Tar Valon

Rand is still getting sword lessons from Lan, when the wind seems to become solid around him, and pushes him into taking a serious wound. But Lan is oddly unconcerned, and moves on to why Rand is still here after a month, when he ended the last book planning to go into exile. He eventually admits that heís hoping to talk to Moiraine again, whoís kept herself apart from him all this time, but Lan says sheís told him all she can, and he should go. It feels a bit like Jordan cleaning house after changing his mind about Randís story, but it fits well.

The exchange also lets us know that none of the others have left for Tar Valon yet, which is handy because an army of Aes Sedai, including their leader, arrive at the city, presumably because of Rand. And thereís a bit where Lan gives him a sympathetic look, so that canít be good.

Another chapter thatís mostly about reminding us where book one ended, but itís woven in more naturally than the prologue, and the two major developments of the wind and the Aes Sedaiís arrival indicate that this book will be getting off to a quicker start than before. We do already have everyoneís backstory out of the way, after all. Although, from what Iíve heard about this seriesí tons of characters, weíll probably be meeting a few new ones soon.


Let's see, new characters... Umm... I can think of around five by name, but I know I'm forgetting a few of the Aes Sedai.

That's this book though, not just the next few chapters.
Sabbo 14th Apr 12