Nuzlocke: In Which Touhoumon 1.8 Is Attempted


Surge Shocks No One

After back-rubbing an old man, we finally get ourselves a Cut TM. Touhoumon in general likes to make T Ms more useful, and this game is more exception. Cut is now a 60 power steel type move, making it far more useful. Its also stronger than the 40 power Blade Flash, so I'm going to replace it with Cut. The less Hm slaves I have to lug around, the better!

Mom: I'm no slave! *huff*

As usual, I check out the gym trainers first, to scout out their levels, and the sort of Boneka being used.

The first trainer has a cNitori. She's pure water. She doesn't get her wind-type until she evolves. Kinda cheap of you, game. But he also has a cIku and a cLuna, both of which are actual wind types. That makes me feel a leeeetle bit better about this. Their levels are between 21-23, which is a little higher than I expected. Its time to go do some training.

While training, Mom tried to learn an...interesting move.

Mom: Rage? Is that good? OwO

Psssh, of course no-holy crap. A 60 power dark move? What does this description mean? It says it will burn the user. Its also physical. And there is no room for it in your moveset. Why....why did I teach you cut again? ;_;

Aside from that, nothing of note occurs. I get Nya to 28, Mura and Elena to 27, and everbody else is 25/26. I think we're ready for this.

I'll take a guess, and say that nobody here is going to fault me for save stating to speed up the stupid puzzle here. Lets just skip on ahead to Surge himself!

Lieutenant Surge would like to battle!

Go, TLuna, level 22!

I...I might have overestimated Surge, just a little bit. TLuna is a nature/wind type, which annoyingly means that earth will do neutral damage.

Nya used Mud Shot! TLuna's accuracy fell!

Oh, I forgot to mention. Mud shot lowers accuracy in this game, instead of speed. and its 70 power. This is...incredibly broken. Two Mudshots later, and...

Foe TLuna fainted!

Right, that was no challenge. NEXT.

Surge sends out cIku, level 20!

First of all: A chibi? Second: Level TWENTY? Wow Surge. Your gym trainers are stronger than you.

Nya used Mud Shot!

cIku used Thunder Wave!

Wow. Way to go, Surge. Low AI, much?

Nya used Mud Shot! Foe cIku fainted!

Anti-climactic. What have you got now, Surge?

Go, TIku, level 26!

I take back what I said before. I still don't understand this man's level spread though. TIku is still pure Wind, Nya still gives no fucks.

Nya used Mud Shot!

TIku used Thunderbolt!

Crap, that's painful. I really wish Chen was still ground type right now. Nya, drink this super potion!

TIku used Thunderbolt!

This isn't working. You're taking too much damage Nya. Get back here, before she crits on you.

Come back, Nya! Go, Elena!

TIku used Thunderbolt!

Okay, we can do this, just hold tight Elena!

Elena used Poison Jab!

TIku used Thunderbolt!

Oh crap. She's taking a lot of damage too! >_O Elena! You're supposed to be a tank! Just...drink this hyper potion I found on the boat.

Elena: Sure thing, Boss. *glug glug*

Surge uses a Super Potion!

The lack-of-items thing seems to only apply to the rival. I WISH it applied to the Gym Leaders. After another round of poison jab, thunderbolt, poison jab, and thunderbolt, Elena is down to 8 health, and super potions aren't going to cut it. But one good thing DOES come about...

Foe TIku is poisoned!

'Excellent! Elena, you've done your job. Get back here! Mura, get going!

Mura: Right away, bossy girl!

Surge uses a Full Heal!

Oh screw you too, Surge.

'Surge uses a Super Potion!''


''Mura uses Magical Leaf x2!'

Foe TIku uses Thunderbolt! It misses!

Oh look, something GOOD actually happened!
Mura uses Magical Leaf!

Foe TIku used Mirror Shot!

Wait, what? Did it use THAT many Thunderbolts? Huh. Not that it matters...

Mura uses Magical Leaf! Foe TIku fainted!

Because the battle is over! Thunderbadge, get! Along with TM 34. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Is that thunderbolt?


This isn't thunderbolt.

Energy Ball. A 120 power DREAM TYPE move with 75% accuracy, and a chance to lower SpD. Its essentially Fire Blast. From gym 3. What is this. Nobody on the team can learn it, so...we're just going to move on.

Next Time: We obtain Flash, and head on to the Rock Tunnel!


...Actually, I always used brute-force trial and error and trial and error and trial and error... Yeah, you get the picture. Then again, genuine Nintendo hardware is rather notorious for lacking save state functionality...
Hunter1 17th Apr 12