Nuzlocke: In Which Touhoumon 1.8 Is Attempted


Misty Gets Drowned

First off, apologies for the space between updates. I've not been feeling too great the past few days, and my World Link run has priority over this one. So I focus on getting an update for that out first, then if I have energy left, work on this. Since I've had zero energy the past few days...ya. I feel MUCH better today though, so hopefully things will be back on track!

So to start off, analysis. So much analysis.

I've been informed that the wiki I am using is crap. As a result, I'm switching to this one. In addition to not having a lot of information for individual boneka, the previous wiki also failed to list entire EVOLUTIONS. For an example...

  • Attack Lily White: Why does this exist?
120 Hp/Atk, 60 Def, 50 SpA/Speed, 80 SpD

So apparently LilyWhite has an Attack form, only accessible while a cLilyWhite. This is unusual, since so far everything I've encountered can evolve, no matter if they are chibi or not. Even weirder, she can't shift from her attack form to her other forms, at least according to the editor I've got. Weiiiiird.

Whatever. She has...Giga Impact, more Bonemerang, SELFDESTRUCT, Substitute, Smile...also gets something called Mind Bomb. Also learns Body Slam, Heat Claw, and Tailwind. Holy shit, that's actually kind of an amazing moveset. And with that much Hp, she's still almost as bulky as Linessa! And with equally as much attack. WHAT. I want this. Kinda bad. I think I'll stick my LilyWhite in the box for safekeeping, and evolve her into this later.

As it turns out, this is not the ONLY thing the other wiki missed.

  • Aki Sisters: What? Nature/Earth, Trade Evolution
75 Hp, 125 Atk, 70 Defense/Speed, 60 SpA, SpD

Whoa. Uh. Okay. So this is the only example I have ever seen of a convergent evolution. Both Shizuha and Minoriko can evolve into this via trade. Its a special wall with loads of attack. That's actually kind of unusual. She gets swords dance, which is also kind of amazing. Attacks include something called Power Whip, Bonemerang again, as well as Smile and Energy Light. And then there's things like Hi Jump Kick, and Earthquake. Wow. I really like this one too. I don't think I can get her until post-national dex EITHER though. D: I'll save one of the sisters, and turn them into this later.

Next up on the examination table is the ever awesome Mom.

  • Momiji: Badass.
80 Hp/Def, 130 Atk, 50 SpA/SpD, 90 speed. Becomes beast/steel, evolves at 28.

So much poweerrrr! She needs speed bad though, and I can't ever let her take a special hit. She can learn something called Clean Bite, no idea what that does. Braver? In the way of stuff I actually understand, she gets Crunch(beast, not dark), Tailwind, Night Slash, and Swords Dance. YESSS.

Mom: Mom is my name, power is my game!

  • Defensive Momiji: Why does this exist?
100 hp, 75 Atk, 115 Def, 40 SpA, 90 SpD, 65 Speed

Some of that attack has been traded for defense and Hp, and even less speed. Whoooo. Less interesting moves. Clean Bite, Iron Defense, Crush Claw, Tailwind, Spikes, Fury Swipes...none of this sounds as BA. If I want a defensive tank, or really, a tank at all, I'll take...a lot of other things, before this. Like freaking Acadia. Normal Momiji, no doubt about it.

Mom: Waitin' for other's to strike, before doin' little in return? That's just not my style.

Next, we have a returnee from the dead, Rhyme!

  • Parsee: She has a heart? Evolves at 28, becomes Heart/Dark
80 Hp/Def 70 Atk, 120 SpA, 90 SpD, 75 Speed.

Keep in mind this girl is dark/ghost in AW/WL. So I am a LEETLE confused by her typing here. She's bulky, but hits hard, and a little slow to compensate. Sounds good to me. Move wise, she's got...a LOT of things that I have never heard of before. Shadow Hit, Signal Beam, Dark Pulse, and Heart's Eye? The only move I recognize is Shadow Ball. So many new moves! I want this. I shan't let her die this time!

  • Defensive Parsee: Suddenly, Heart/Ghost.
110 Hp, 60 Atk/SpA/Speed 95 Def, 125 SpD

Well, that's a wall all right. She now comes with completely different moves, like Mirror Coat, Substitute, Fake Tears, Pain Split, Cure, and Destiny Bond. Signal Beam and Shadow Ball are the only attacks I still see here. Its an interesting option, but I dunno if I need the added walledness to my team. I have like, 3 all ready!

  • Technician Parsee: Option 3. And suddenly, Heart/Miasma.
80 Hp/SpD, 65 Atk, 110 Def, 105 SpA, 70 Speed

Still quite bulky, but with actual special attack. A compromise. I think thats what these technician forms might be, I need to go back and peruse them a bit. A balance. I kinda like this. She still gets some trolly moves, like Will-o-Wisp and Substitute, but some other offensive moves too, like Poison Bomb, Signal Beam, and Shadow Ball. I might consider going with this one! First tech I've liked!

  • Hina: Curse you, for making me use the PE to find out your moveset! Curse the (old) wiki, for not having more information! Curse me, for not being lazy enough to maybe just edit it myself!
110 Hp, 75 Atk/SpA, 90 Def/SpD, 50 Speed.

Tanky, but still capable of dealing damage. VERY nice. Slow as hell, but I don't care. She gets Icy Wind, Smile, Ominous Wind, Poison Bomb, and Giga Drain. Also something called Dust Shoot. Hm. Looks like a nice variety, anyway.

  • Attack Hina: SPLOOSH goes her poison, BURN goes you.
100 Hp, 60 Atk/Def, 125 SpA, 95 SpD, 50 Speed.

Interesting. A special attacker instead of physical. She's still special bulky, but don't trust those physical defenses. Gets a lot of similar moves. Don't see anything different, actually. Maybe extrasensory? Whatever, time for defensive Hina.

  • Defense Hina: I have a tank already, hun.
80 Hp, 70 Atk/SpD, 135 Def, 75 SpA, 60 speed.

I don't need yet another physical tank. I've got Linessa. And Acadia. You''re going to hear me saying that A LOT. Her moves are more oriented towards trolling. Will-o-wisp, pain split, confuse ray, plus other moves Hina can learn in general, like poison bomb and ominous wind. Cool story? I'll stick with either basic or attack Hina.

Right, last one!

  • Minoriko: More of the same. Evolves at 25, pure nature
90 Hp, 50 Atk, 70 Def, 105 SpA, 80 SpD, 85 Speed.

Decent special attack, low speed, defenses high enough to take a hit. Meh. Mega drain, heat wave, sunny day, extrasensory, solar beam. Nothing super special.

  • Attack Minoriko: I like this better.

85 Hp, 45 Atk, 80 Def/SpD, 135 SpA, 55 Speed.

So they stole a bunch from speed, and a little from hp and atk. 10 more points into defense, the rest into spA. Very nice. I like dis. Still bulky, still damn slow, but hits hard. Moveset is about the same, addition of Earth Power.

  • Defense Minoriko: Oh boy another one!

120 Hp, 50 Atk, 100 Def, 55 SpA, 115 SpD, 40 Speed.

These are starting to look very similar. I'm gunna have to sit down later and compare the various defensive mons against each other. Very similar to previous evolutions. Can learn extrasensory, sunny day, earth power, and smile. Yay?

With that out of the way, lets get ourselves back on the road! We have some training to do for Misty.

So first off, lets have our newest proper team member introduce herself.

Elena: Its a great pleasure to meet all of you. I am sure you will find my presence on this team more than adequate.

So, what have you got to offer the team?

Elena: Well, for starters, I come with Poison Jab.

...At level five.

Elena: Indeed.

Ya, that'll do.

Acadia: H-hey! Don't be a glory hog! Look Mama, I got a new attack!

Mama? I think you've got me confused with Mom...Fire Spin huh? Looks like its been changed like Wrap, so its 60 power, and not shit now.

Acadia: That's right! ^-^

Elena: I will glory hog all I want! Look! I got screech! She proceeds to demonstrate this new ability.


Plume: Miasma might do well on water, but you'll need more than just that...thing, to take on Misty. I have just gained Nature Power. And behold! My evolution!

Very good Plume! That'll do very nicely! Also, now that she has evolved, I have made a discovery...she can evolve with the attack heart stone, even though she's no longer in her chibi form. I suspected as much from poking around with the editor, but its nice to see it confirmed.

That's the good news. The bad news is, all of these stone evolutions are in the national dex. So I can't get them until post the E4

The I-can't-decide-if-its-good-or-bad news? These evolved forms WILL get a chance to shine. Turns out...Johto is in this game. Johto. Yes, this is a Fire Red hack. I am kind of excite.

Lastly, my game version was SLIGHTLY out of date. I've update. Main difference is that the dex now has Boneka descriptions.

Rhyme: Is it my turn to train now? Because I would really like to show my stu-

Momiji used Bite!

Critical Hit!



Rhyme fainted!, not again. I can't have lost my Parsee AGAIN! T_T BULLSHIT.

RIP Rhyme, Level 16-19. ):

After our first tragedy of the run...we must move on.

Mura: Sad times, but we'll keep gettin' stronger. Look! Magical Leaf! Much better than Nature power. Hehe.

Plume: S-shut up!

Acadia: Look! Look Mama! I'm evolving too!

Excellent! You got Withdraw too. It seems to raise SpD as well as Def. What.

All right, I think we've trained enough. My whole team is now at level 25. To review what I'm bringing in:

Etta is backup. Probably won't need her, but she's at no disadvantage in this gym, so I'll take her.

Acadia is also backup. Hopefully I won't need her either.

Linessa is more backup. SEEING A THEME HERE? She has a wind attack at least, for SE damage.

Elena is there to kill shit. Stab 80 power poison jab, oh yes!

Plume is there to wall and annoy things. Leech+Stun Spore + Mega Drain. Growth, if I need to set up.

Mura is there to kill things too. Stab magical leaf, thank you. Stats not as good as Plume though. I wish I could make her ADaiyousei SO BAD. FREAKING NATIONAL DEX.

Elena will be running lead on this one. Miasma does not resist water, but she has the SpD and HP to handle it easy, and better defenses then Linessa by far. Lets do this.

The first gym trainer has a cMurasa. Its ghost/water in this hack. Huh. Okay. *pauses* Ghost resists Miasma. WELL SCREW ME. Its also level 18. Hm. That makes Misty...meh, we'll be fine.

She sends out a cNitori next. Pure water, yay!

Next trainer also has cMurasa. Level 20. Oh dear. I really hope Misty doesn't have one of these...

Elena: M'lady! I feel a new power coming upon me. I feel as if I could simply explode in the face of my enemies...


Elena: We'll there's no need to get screechy about it.

With no further ado, lets deal with Misty!

Gym Leader Misty wants to battle!

Misty sends out cKomachi, level 21!

First off, the amusement that I feel. In World Link, Komachi is ghost/water. In this hack, she's pure water. Meanwhile, I was dreading the appearance of cMurasa, pure water in World Link, but ghost/water in this one. I don't know why this amuses me, but it does.

Go, Elena!

I'm leading with this girl right off the bat. Make me proud, Elena!

Foe cKomachi uses Teeter Dance!

Elena became confused!

Elena! Keep yer head on straight! Just fire right at the girl with the scythe-NO, NOT ME! DO I HAVE A SCYTHE IN MY HAND?

Elena used Poison Jab!

Foe cKomachi fainted!

Well. That could have gone worse. Next up is...

Leader Misty sends out SKomachi, Level 24!

This is pure water too. If she'd had an AKomachi, I would have had to contend with a water/steel type, and promptly be screwed. But its not, and I'm not, so its all good. I've also once again correctly predicted levels, thank god.

SKomachi used Shadow Hit!

Elena Hurts herself in confusion!

Oh, crap. I forgot about confusion! Hang in there Elena!

SKomachi used Shadow Hit!

Elena used Poison Jab!

Crap, its still alive. Elena is down to 35/85, so I've gotta heal, I can't risk another hit. Unfortunately...

Misty used a Super Potion!

She heals too

SKomachi used Water Pulse!

Elena used Poison Jab!

Misty used a Super Potion!

Damn it, AI! Stop prolonging your demise!

Elena broke out of Confusion! Elena used Poison Jab!

Dang it, she's still alive, albeit just barely-

Foe SKomachi is poisoned!


SKomachi is hurt by poison! SKomachi fainted!


Digi received the Cascadebadge!

Elena, you are Boss. I am tempted to rename you Boss, actually.

Elena: Please don't. Boss is a dude, and I'm wearing a dress.

You ALL wear dresses!

Elena:...Look, trust me. I am a girl.

...I'm not totally convinced, at this point.

We got TM 03 off of Misty. Looks like Water Pulse is unchanged, so nothing to see here.

Next Time: The SS Anne, and Surge goes down!


Terribly sorry to hear about Rhyme, especially because of your earlier remarks on her Technical form. Too good to last, I suppose. Still, it looks like you're making progress, and your team is prepared for nearly any element you face. Best of luck on your way to Vermillion City, and have a nice day!
EndarkCuli 6th Apr 12
Aww, Rhyme... Not again... Why do bad things always happen to Parsee?

And "something called Power Whip,"... Um, Power Whip exists in Pokemon too, you know... Have you played Gen IV or V yet, Digi? That's where it comes from, you know.
Saffron 7th Apr 12
I'm convinced these games hate Parsee or something. That must be it. Everyone is out to get her!

I thought power whip sounded familiar? xD I'm not used to gen 4 moves being in a gen 3 game. I'm also VERY unfamiliar with gen 4. I enjoyed black/white much more, but I never got into DP Pl.
Digi 14th Apr 12