Nuzlocke: In Which Touhoumon 1.8 Is Attempted


In Which Rivals are Battled, and I am Stupid

Once again, fresh air, beautiful sunshine, and route 4 lies before us!

Nya: Who're these guys, over here?

They look like some kind of martial artists. Each of them is offering a different move...huh. This is new.

So our options are these:

  • Mega Kick has become Triple Kick, a dream type move that works just like the actual triple kick. Three succesive hits, each stronger than the last. 10, 20, and then 30 power. Nice.
  • Mega Punch is now Comet Punch. Its also dream type, and is a 25 power 2-5 hit move.

It appears that all of you can learn these. Soooo...Nya, you take Comet Punch. And Leif, you learn Triple Kick.

Nya: Ooooh my. :3 She slashes at the air.

Leif: Useful. Thank you for this.

We're in a new route, and that means a new catch! Our first find in the grass is...

Chibi Kogasa! I've never used one before, so this should be interesting. She's a pure ghost type, and as I recall, in AW/WL, she was bulky, with a lot of move variety. I'll name her Linessa, after a ghost girl in a story of mine.

Linessa: Its good to meet you. She floats several feet above the ground, looking intrigued by the party of Boneka trailing behind me. I have a gift for you.

What's this? Another green UFO? Um-why thank you! I still have no idea what to do with these.

Etta: Why does she get intimidate?

Mura: She's a floating ghost girl with a living parasol, and there's a giant tongue sticking out of it. Wouldn't YOU find that intimidating?

Lets take a look at this girl.

  • Kogasa: That's not what I expected.

140 hp, 90 Atk/SpA, 50 Def, 60 SpD, 70 Speed. Pure Ghost

I balked at those defenses at first glance, and then I took a second glance at that HP pool. Holy CRAP. She has an impressive movepool too. Icy wind, twister, bubblebeam, shadowball, something called shadow dive. Oh, and curse. Too bad she's ghost type, and that losing half her HP is a very bad thing for her.

Linessa: I may do everything in this form. I will take blows, and defeat every enemy set before me.

  • Speed Kogasa: Speed whut?

75 hp, 70 Atk/Def, 90 SpA, 80 SpD, 115 Speed.

A special sweeper, I guess? I don't even know. Higher defenses, but that HP is almost cut in half. No thanks. Shadow ball again, ominous wind-what fun! Destiny Bond, and something called aqua shower. Nothing else of major note.

Linessa: I like not the idea of losing much of my bulk.

  • Technician Kogasa: I still don't know what this means.

110 Hp, 75 Atk/SpD, 80 Def/Speed, 70 SpA

Its a more balanced form of Kogasa, spreading its stats around. Still bulky hp, bulkier defenses...but little attacking power. Her attack pool is very similar to SKogasa. Memento instead of Destiny Bond, that's about it.

Linessa: This is a better possibility than the last. I shall have to think on this.

Agreed. I have no idea what form I'll choose, but I'm going to use you regardless. I'll switch you out for one of my beasts.

In Cerulean, there's a trade being offered here. Your cMarisa, for their Kirisame. Kirisame doesn't appear to evolve, has very high special attack, nice special-based moveset. Personally, I'd still stick with the Marisa though.

All right guys and gals. I'm feeling a bit impatient today, so..I've gotten Linessa up to level 17, and that's all I'm good for. Lets deal with that rival battle now, so I can get the next two routes catches.

Rival sends out cWriggle, level 19!

Go, Linessa!

I...I should have trained more. A lot more. Oh God.

Linessa Uses Powdered Snow x3

Foe cWriggle Faints!

Linessa: See? That was not...not so difficult. She shudders in pain.

Linessa, get back here. You're too injured. And I'm so much of an idiot, I didn't think to buy any super potions. I am so screwed.

Rival sends out cTewi, level 18!

A beast type, huh?

Go, Kish!

Kish uses quick attack!

Foe cTewi uses Metronome!

Oh, pfff. That's no problem. Its probably going to be something stu-

Foe cTewi uses LUNATIC!


Its Super Effective!






Kish: What're you carrying on about?

Why is Kish only at half health? I...I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Kish uses quick attack! Critical hit!

Foe cTewi Fainted!

Rival sends out cMystia, level 17!

Well shit. Normally I'd go with Linessa, but she's so injured...that's no good. Etta, you've got an ice attack, right?

Etta: That is correct, m'lady.

Then take her down.

Go, Etta!

cMystia used sand attack!

Etta used Aurora Beam!

Excellent! She's below half health! One more hit and she goes down!

Foe cMystia used sing!

Oh. Well crap. I...I don't have awakenings. ETTA! C'MON! WAKE UP!



Etta: Zzzzz...Hwuh?

Etta Woke up! Etta used Aurora Beam!

Foe cMystia fainted!

Excellent! That brings her down to just one Boneka! This isn't going too badly, is it?

Rival sends out cReisen, level 20!

...nevermind what I just said. I still don't have something that's super effec-wait. Isn't...isn't heart weak to dream?

I accidentally gave myself a type advantage. AWESOME.

Go, Nya!

Nya uses Comet Punch! It hits 3 times!

Foe cReisen used Confuse Ray!

Oh crap. Nya, hang in there! Work through it!

Nya: N-nya...I my best...

Nya used Comet Punch! It hit two times!

NYA! One more hit would have killed it!

Nya: I-I'm sorry! I can't even see straight...

Oh Nya...I'm sorry. Just make it through her next attack, and we'll be fine.

Foe cReisen used Mirror Shot!

What is...that? OH CRAP. Nya is down to 13/46 health! Uhhhh. Nya. Get your butt back here. Now.

Go, Mura!

Foe cReisen used Mirror Shot!

Oh for-she's down to 19/48 in one hit! TANK TIME. Acadia! Help us!

Come back, Mura!

Go, Acadia!

Foe cReisen used Mirror Shot!

She's down to 27/48 in one hit. That's only slightly more than half her health. This is NOT good. I have no undamaged party members, and this Reisen is hitting like a truck.

My choices are these: Send out a sacrifice, so that I can have a quick member like Nya take this bitch of a Boneka out in one go, or take my chances that Acadia will survive another attack. I'm going for the latter. If she dies, I'll have Nya finish her off anyway.

Acadia: I can do this, Mistress. Believe in me.

Foe cReisen used Confuse Ray!

Acadia hurts herself in confusion!

SHIT. Acadia! Pull yourself together! Or in your bucket! Or whatever it is that you do!

Foe cReisen used Mirror Shot!

ACADIA! Acadia, I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry, I had to, I really did-

Acadia snapped out of confusion!

W-what! Acadia! Your-your still alive!?

Acadia: N-never underestimate the little ones...

Oh my god. Three health. You are amazing.

Acadia used Water Gun!''

Foe cReisen Fainted!

Acadia. I think I love you.



  • Number one: I will never underlevel this badly again, I swear to it.
  • Never two: I WILL NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ACADIA AGAN. Dear Lord, she is such a sis. Acadia, have a title. Your title is now Sis.

Next Time: Captures, so many captures. And I grind! For really reals this time!


"We're in a new route, and that means a new catch! Our first find in the grass is...

Chibi Kogasa! I've never used one before, so this should be interesting. She's a pure ghost type, and as I recall, in AW/WL, she was bulky, with a lot of move variety. I'll name her Linessa, after a ghost girl in a story of mine.

Catch time! We get...

cKogasa! Never had one of those before, this should be interesting! In AW/WL, I recall them being pretty defensive... Named her Linessa, for a ghost girl in a story of mine."

Methinks you got distracted while writing this. Just a hunch.
MFM 28th Mar 12
Ooops. I thought I caught all of that. Its like when you have a sentence that has 'the' twice in a row, on seperate lines. Your brain just doesn't see it. >_> I'll fix that ASAP.

Basically, I jot down whatever goes through my head as I play. Then I format it into something readable. I thought I got all of the extra bits out.
Digi 28th Mar 12