Nuzlocke: In Which Touhoumon 1.8 Is Attempted


Forest Explorer!

I decided my last installment was a little dry, and too matter-of-fact. I'm going to try and keep things a little more interesting from now on, I promise. Hopefully I didn't scare everybody away with that mammoth of an entry.

All right you guys! Its time for the Viridian Forest!

Etta: Also known as the not-maze.

Hey, don't diss the not-maze. I got lost in here as a kid.

Mura: That's...that's sad.

Look, I was ten!

Mura: I betcha were excited to catch a clefairy too.

I...I was.

Mura: How long did it take before you figured out they were crap?

T-they aren't crap!

Mura: Jeezus.

OKAY LOOK, ENOUGH ABOUT MY STUPID CHILDHOOD. Lets...lets just get through this place.

Mura, you're going to be frontlining most of these battles, for the experience. I need to you to be nice and high for Brock. I'm already a little concerned about the level curve in this game.

Mura: Great, me against bug catchers...wait. Those aren't bugs.

Etta: Indeed. Those appear to be Boneka from a particular group called 'fairies.'

Ya. The...the bug catchers are not well-named here.

Mura: Whut's this one? Sunnymilk?


Enemy Sunnymilk uses Ember!

Mura's health drops to 3.

Digi has a panic attack.


Mura: Digi. Pal. You wonderful gal. YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

One healing session later...

Right. Mura will be front lining this...EXCEPT for the Sunnymilks. The other two remaining fairies we will encounter here are Sapphire Star and Luna Child. The former is water type, so that's no problem. The later is Wind, which Mura resists. I'll just switch in Etta for the Sunnymilk's.

Mura: Hey look! I learned a new attack! It's called...wrap.

Oh, wrap? We'll that's usele-HOLY CRAP.

Etta: What? What is it?

Wrap is now a 60 power move. I don't even. The after effects still seem pretty weak though. Its a physical move though, so I hope Mura gets something special-based soon.

Oh hey guys. Guess what I noticed while going through my inventory?

Kish: Whut?

That TM that Leif found earlier? TM 10? I ignored it, because in previous Touhoumon games it's something called Bride Study, which is essentially recover. Useless for me, items are usually better. But...uh...well its not that, in this game.

Leif: What is it then? What'd I find?

Poison Jab. An 80 power Miasma move.

Etta: ...

Kish: ...


Ya, about that. None of you can learn it.

Kish: Well that stinks

Ya, it does. Not that it would be useful for Brock anyway. Hopefuly we'll have somebody who can by Misty-since water is weak to miasma in this game. Just...pretend that makes sense, okay?

Ahhhhh! Fresh sunlight! The forest is behind us, and we venture yonder! A little restocking, and we're off to the gym! Nothing else to see in town. Normally I would explore for changes or freebies, but this game is totally unedited as far as both text and events go.

Mura: That gym won't know what hit it! Move aside, little boy!

The shorts boy sent out cYamame!
Go, Mura!

Oh, hold on a sec. Let me check that thing on the wiki...uh. Mura. That's not good.

Mura: Whut's wrong?

Its Earth/Miasma. Earth is just a mix of ground and rock, so that's no big deal. But Miasma...that resists nature.

Mura: Oh.

But it acts just like poison used to.

Come back, Mura!

Go, Etta!

Etta used psyshot on both cYamame's!

cYamame x2 fainted!

So those things were level 12/13 respectively. That scares me a bit. Once again, higher levels than I expected. Mura, lets go do some training.

Mura: All right, I'm level 17 now. Will that do?

It'll do, I guess.

Mura: So I learned something called Nature Power. What's that.

Uh...good question. Lets see...nature type move. No power listed. It says "Draw natural power that its power based on foe's cost." Exact words there folks. I have no idea what it means either.

Mura: It does more damage then wrap.

Good enough for me. I don't think I can bear anymore grinding, so lets take care of that gym. Everybody else is still level 10, because I'm lazy.

Mura: Oh, this is gunna go WELL.

Gym Leader Brock sent out cSuika, level 15!

Go, Mura!

All right, this girl is pure Earth type. Thank God.

Mura uses Wrap!
cSuika uses something!

Mura uses Nature Power!

Foe cSuika fainted!

Gym Leader Brock sent out cYuugi, level 17!

In some morbid way, I am glad to see that my fears were not baseless. I had expected Brock to be around this level, based on his trainer. I...I probably should have grinded Mura more.

Mura uses Wrap!

cYuugi uses something I don't care about!

Mura uses Nature Power!

Foe cYuugi fainted!

Mura: What wer' ya worried about again?

Uh...absolutely nothing, apparently!

Digi Received the Boulder Badge!


> See natures > Bang head repeatedly against wall

But good job, Digi! Mura makes Gyms look easy as always.

What else do I want to say? I actually HATE the move Poison Jab. I might have not liked the natures, but T Alice actually loves that Adamant nature. Too bad her physical options aren't very good. Calm is nice for Nazrin and H Nzarin. The other two are just bleh though, especially Tokiko's.

Well, good luck with the rest of the run~
Saffron 26th Mar 12
Thank you! Hopefully it goes well! xD

Ya, my natures are NOT off to the best start.
Digi 14th Apr 12