The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 52: There Is Neither Beginning Nor End

Rand wakes up back on the cliff, and sees that Aginor is also dead. Heís lost his memory, but thankfully that doesnít last long, and equally thankfully Jordan doesnít try to screw around much before revealing Moiraine is alive. She reveals that Rand can use the One Power, and everything that happened last chapter was him using the Eye of the World, which is now drained. Sheís known since Rand unconsciously used it to keep Bela energized so Egwene would be safe, quite a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming on its own. And it nicely explains that random lightning bolt, too. For now only Moiraine, Egwene, Nynaeve, and Lan know, so thatíll make for something pretty dramatic when the others find out. Thatís going to be dragged out a while, isnít it?

As for those others, theyíve found a few things at the bottom of the Eye. One of the seals that had held the Dark One prisoner, made of an unbreakable heartstone that was still broken somehow, the Horn of Valere, and the personal banner of Lews Therin. Theyíre all a mystery for now, but naturally the Horn has to go to Illian, so thereís one subplot for book two prepared. And so everyone looks forward to going home. Yeah, thatíll happen.

And so we enter summation mode, with the reveal of Randís powers pretty neatly filling in some odder bits of the story, while still leaving a complete mystery of what it means. Same with the three artifacts, as right now I can just barely make out traces of what the big picture is that resulted in them being buried here. And with the Dark One gone, where else is left for the series to go besides a few minor subplots that would seem like quite a letdown after this epic journey? Well, Iíve got thirteen more books to find out.


Oh good, you're planning to keep reading! :)

My copy has a preview in the back of the next book's prologue. If yours does it should answer one of your questions.
montagohalcyon 11th Apr 12
Yeah it does, but I already have the whole next book, so why bother?
Eegah 11th Apr 12
Before you go to the next book though, might I suggest you go back and read this book's prologue? It will make more sense now than it did when you first read it.
Sabbo 11th Apr 12