The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 44: The Dark Along the Ways

The new gang heads out under darkness, through a secret passage to get away from anyone watching. But someone still spots them, and they only make it to the Waygate at dawn. It seems I misread the last time, as the grove didnít just stand on the palace grounds but the whole town, and the Waygate is now in the basement of a random shop. It would certainly make people less likely to find it, at least.

Inside, itís not quite as terrifying as I expected, but thatís only because itís more scary in a way that sneaks up on you. Everything looks the same, with Eldritch Location rules, and the only directions are in Ogier so if you donít read it or have someone who does, youíre screwed. Plus, Loial says that if you go behind a Waygate from inside youíll probably be lost forever. Okay, thatís definitely happening to someone at some point. In just a few pages the monotony of the journey is conveyed almost too well, but then we end when the next bridge they have to cross is broken. Iím guessing House of Leaves took some inspiration here.

This one is all about the atmosphere, though toward the end it teeters dangerously between portraying boredom and just being boring with the repetitive descriptions of Loial reading directions and everyone passing the same scenery over and over. Thankfully it doesnít last long, and the cliffhanger is quite enticing.