The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 39: Weaving of the Web

Itís the day of Logainís arrival, and Mat refuses to go see it, as on top of all his other lovely personality traits, heís now convinced that Loial is a Trolloc. Though this does mean that we donít have to deal with him for the rest of the chapter, so Iím all for it. After hearing that the mysterious beggar, who Iím still predicting is Fain, is still looking for him, Rand sets out alone but has a hell of a time finding a good spot. That brings back some memories.

Heís chased out of his first one when the beggar spots him, forcing him to search all over until he finds a wall on top of a steep hill, which he tears up his hands climbing. Logain appears completely calm and happy, so now Iím guessing he actually wanted to get captured to get inside the palace. And thatís when Rand hears a girlís voice next to him and falls off. Huh. My one real guess for this is Min, but that still leaves a lot to be explained.

Until that ending, this is mostly an excuse to show us more of Caemlyn and the growing discontent over Morgaseís trust of the Aes Sedai, and it builds that up nicely, so that the cliffhanger really comes out of nowhere and leaves your head spinning. And if that guy is Fain, what the hell is he doing? I suddenly have more questions than ever before, and for now thatís a good thing.


More will be revealed :p

Let's just say that your guesses are incredibly entertaining.
Arilou 31st Mar 12
Also, Mat currently has a reason for behaving like a douche. It's his own fault in a way, but still.
Arilou 31st Mar 12
Let's just say that your guesses are incredibly entertaining.

Sabbo 31st Mar 12