The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 37: The Long Chase

What do you know, I predicted a return to Nynaeve again. I swear, I’m not looking ahead. Moiraine has led them to Perrin, and the Whitecloaks are way too much for the three of them to walk in and rescue him and Egwene. So Nynaeve is sent off to sabotage their horses, and it’s very suspenseful as she crawls along, willing them to not make a sound. Finally she sees Rand’s pony Bella and holds onto her and another horse as Moiraine throws a bunch of lightning bolts around. And then Elyas’ wolves arrive, and all hell breaks loose…in the next chapter, I guess.

Here we see a good deal of development from Nynaeve, as she’s still not happy about the situation but is far more willing to believe Moiraine on how important it is that everyone get to where they’re going. On the negative side, she’s described as knowing she’d never be able to follow Lan if he wasn’t dragging her along, which doesn’t jive with how she was able to track the group down to start with and brings up questions of how contrived that development was. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how her tracking skills are described from now on.


Maybe the good tracking skills were related to her potential to use saidar? It is shown several times in this book that just wanting something can be enough for it to happen if the want-er has the potential. The thing with the horses in this chapter is another such example, I think.

The differences in this second case of course being that she'd be following a much smaller (and more easily hidden) group, and has far more wish to find the other Emond's Fielders than follow Moraine & Lan, despite her awareness of how the end results would be similar.
Sabbo 30th Mar 12