The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 35: Caemlyn

Huh, still Rand and Met. Well, everyoneís almost in the same place by now, excepting whatever the very alive Thom is up to, so maybe it wonít matter much longer. So theyíre finally in Caemlyn, and we get plenty of Scenery Porn about the place and how congested it is. Unfortunately, we lose Bunt when he walks off, hopefully not for good. Mat suddenly starts freaking out about the whole thing, but Rand gives a great Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! speech that shuts him up for now.

They still have Thomís clue about The Queenís Blessing, but have a hell of a time getting a helpful reply. Suddenly Iím reminded of my first time in New York. After more fun with everyone in Caemlyn absolutely sick of tourists, they find the place and present Thomís stuff to the innkeeper Basel Gill. For the first time Iíve realized just how bad this could look if they come across someone distrustful enough, but luckily Gill believes them, and even gives another infodump: Thom was Morgaseís paramour after her husbandís death, until he had to leave town over some unspecified problem with his nephew. His escape humiliated the city guard captain Gareth Byrne, who swore revenge. And it suddenly became even less likely that Thom is dead.

Much like our first look at Whitebridge, the Scenery Porn pretty much takes over the chapter, yet itís interesting enough to carry that time, plus the uniformly surly locals provide a fun touch. Unfortunately, it also comes with plenty of Mat being an idiot that I didnít mention, so his brief rise from Scrappydom didnít quite take.


Right, Mat being the way he is now doesn't end for a while. I forget whether one of us commenters mentioned earlier how long that will be, so I'm going to not say.
Sabbo 28th Mar 12