The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 33: The Dark Waits

This one has a pretty odd start, jumping to Rand and Mat almost to Caemlyn (boy, weíve been trying to get there for a while) and Mat having almost fully recovered his eyesight after the lightning bolt, before going into How We Got Here. It serves no purpose except removing any suspense about Mat being blinded, though we do get the neat tidbit that Two Rivers is technically part of the kingdom that Caemlyn is the capital of.

Back right after their escape from Four Kings, Rand has to help Mat as his eyes are still badly hurt, and despite it being Mat, Randís efforts to help are a real Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. It helps that Mat actually has an excuse for being The Load now. Another dream reveals that Gode is actually dead; pity, as he was pretty fun. Still, the subversion of Never Found the Body does rather neatly raise the question of how much we can trust to have happened off-page. For now, Gode tracking Rand down allowed the Dark One to invade his dreams again, so he pulled a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on him. And this time the injury that wakes him up is a fireball to the face, though thankfully it only has an effect like a light sunburn.

Matís eyesight gets better as they go on, including an encounter with another Darkfriend, Paitr, who seems to be a fairly minor soldier in the devilís army. A bit later we see that tourists are clogging all the nearby towns to see Logain, but we can forget about that because the Dark One seems to have infected Rand with something. He sees a bunch of the people heís met all giving contradictory advice to screw with his head, including the Tearjerker of Tam just silently staring at him.

This all allows Mat to start being Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, as heís surprisingly able to get them a place to sleep, and take care of Rand during the night. And when theyíre confronted by a female Darkfriend in the morning, he has a Crowning Moment of Awesome disarming her and locking her up. Though she drops that theyíre developing quite a bad reputation with all these incidents, which will be neat to see play out.

Despite the awkward How We Got Here setup, this is another quite eventful chapter, taking what could have been repetitive scenes and making each one distinct. And while Matís character development is a bit rushed, itís nice to not have to spend the whole time wondering how heíll screw up.


Nah, this isn't where Mat gets his rescue; that comes later. Don't hold your breath.

Also, what did you mean by "a fairly minor soldier in the devil's army"? Because if you meant what it looks like you meant (note that I know nothing of that Touch Of Satan thing), then it applies to most darkfriends. Almost all of them, really.
Sabbo 25th Mar 12
The Touch of Satan was a movie featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000, infamous for its numerous lengthy dialogue pauses and a thoroughly dense and unappealing main character. He ends up selling his soul to Satan, and the riff is "I think he's going to be a fairly minor soldier in the devil's army." Likewise, Paitr is a timid weakling who Rand lays out with one punch.
Eegah 25th Mar 12
Ah, I see. Well I guess I'm mostly right then; darkfriends are not in general particularly intimidating - it's only when the they're working together are the average darkfriends of any threat.
Sabbo 25th Mar 12