The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 31: Play For Your Supper

Rand and Mat are poverty-stricken for a while after being left on their own, and have to scrape by doing chores at farms in exchange for room and board, which always brings the guilt that the Fades will catch up with them and the family that took them in will get it. This culminates in one farm where the oldest daughter is a saucy minx that attaches to Rand, and her mother gets them out by suggesting they use what Thom taught them to perform at inns. And thatís what they do, and end chapter.

The stuff with the randy farmerís daughter is pretty fun, but this is really a complete filler chapter, covering nothing that couldnít have been summed up in a couple paragraphs the next time we see these two. Plus, Mat continues to be annoying with the way heís becoming more obsessed with the dagger. Though not quite to Scrappy levels, as itís now so severe that I get the feeling the dagger might be putting a spell on him. That kind of thing would definitely be a start to getting him Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, so I hope itís right.


I think that girl shows up again later, although I might be thinking of somebody else. She's still unimportant even then though.
Sabbo 23rd Mar 12