The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 28: Footprints in Air

What do you know, weíre back with Nynaeve now. Thatís the second time thatís happened to me; maybe I should keep it up. The reason we had that break is that nothing much interesting happened on their trip to Whitebridge, though that doesnít stop Jordan from spending a few pages on it. They arrive the day after the Fade attack, with everyone either denying anything happened or lying about it. Usually Iím annoyed by this kind of thing, but here I think it works in showing just how terrified the people are that these things will come back if they even talk about them.

The group goes into the same inn that Randís group was in, since Moiraine was drawn there by the lingering sense of fear. But thatís where the trail ends, and apparently Doman kept Matís coin too, so for now she decides to go after Perrin (though she doesnít know thatís who it is, a nice sense of limitation to her powers). Though Nynaeveís been growing more and more annoyed with Moiraineís refusal to explain anything to her, and I find it easy to sympathize. Granted, I donít know if Iím supposed to sympathize this much, but for now Iíll give the book the benefit of the doubt. Oddly enough, theyíre described as heading east out of the town, despite Perrin currently being to the west. Maybe sheís planning to meet up with him in Caemlyn.

Another shorter chapter serving only to move this group from A to B, but thereís still some nice stuff with the fear in Whitebridge and Nynaeveís growing resentment thatís clearly going to boil over at some point. I remain a bit mystified at that ending, but letís just see where it goes.


The "Aes Sedai never explain anything" is kind of a running issue. Partially it's their own fault, they can't actually lie, so they've grown very good at twisting the truth... Only everyone KNOWS this, so no one believes they're saying what they're saying even when they are....
Arilou 20th Mar 12
No, I'm pretty sure Perrin's to the east. Well, the north-east anyway. He already crossed the river, no? And Whitebridge is on the river.
Sabbo 20th Mar 12