The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 27: Shelter From the Storm

Perrinís group continues travelling with the Tinkers for a while (boy, itís been a while since we checked in with Moiraineís group; hopefully theyíll be up to something big), and they continue all the same crap as before. Most notably, several of the girls start doing a seductive dance in front of Perrin every night quite reminiscent of Brit Ekland in The Wicker Man, and this after Raen made such a big deal about how they donít try to seduce people to them. Perrin earns a lot of points with me when he notices the way all the Tinkers keep glancing at his ax, and his response is to make sure itís always in plain sight. Egwene continues going native, but itís justified by the old ďfor tomorrow we may dieĒ thing, so thatís okay.

The Dark One invades Perrinís dreams again after several days, and what really gets to me is the way Mistress Luhhan is also there, and calmly going about making dinner. The one nightmare I still get with any regularity is that something is clearly wrong, but every single person around me refuses to acknowledge it, so this really hits me. Perrin suffers an Eye Scream by raven and wakes up, and finds the wolves had the dream too, meaning Elyas knows about it, and says they have to go on their own again. Thank you.

Of course, it canít be as simple as that, and the Tinkers insist on making a big show of their departure despite Elyas repeatedly insisting that they have to leave right now, and Aram is a jerk some more when Egwene declines his invitation to stay. Just like Gelb, this definitely isnít the last weíll see of him. One other possibly noteworthy thing is that the Tinkers now plan to head due east to the mountain range the Spine of the World, to stay with people called the Ogier. We donít learn anything more about them, but the mention is probably setting up something.

Another slice of life chapter, but since the Tinkers are so aggravating it was much more of a slog than Randís time on the ship, despite being a good chunk shorter. At least it ends with us seeing the back of them for a while, and I kind of doubt theyíll be showing up again in this book.


I've never particularly liked the Tinkers. Not for any personal reasons or anything; I just don't think they're written that well.
Sabbo 20th Mar 12