The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 23: Wolfbrother

There’s a few pages spent just on how hard a time Perrin and Egwene have in the wilderness; the bit about having to live entirely on bad-tasting plants particularly gets to a carnivore like me. It also doesn’t help that they haven’t sorted out their leadership issues, though Perrin thinks of himself as the leader, apparently just because he’s a man. Nice.

After two days they smell a fire, belonging to the quite strange Elyas Machera. He’s a nature man who’s been following them all this time, and finally took pity on them and let them notice him. After the predictable bit of informing them they’ve been going the wrong way, he reveals a wolf pack who are his friends: Dapple, Burn, Hopper, and Wind. That’s the cue for more exposition: he realized he could talk to wolves at a young age, which has led to him walking away from civilization. And the wolves say Perrin has the ability too, which he tries to deny even as he starts catching bits of what they’re saying. Okay, that sort of thing is starting to get annoying now. They can also sniff out lies, so Perrin and Egwene give the whole story of what’s happened, and Elyas invites himself to join them and try to keep them alive. Although Burn’s not too happy about it, and is kind of like Ben from Willard, so that’ll be a problem.

It’s a daring move to spend a whole chapter just introducing a new character at this point, but luckily Elyas earns that time well. His backstory is fascinating and adds a great bit of world building, and I was quite excited when he announced that he would join them. The interplay between Perrin and Egwene also continues to be pretty fun, and Elyas should add a nice wrinkle to that.


Remember, there are more than a dozen books left. They're going to keep adding new characters for most of them. Part of the reason for the infamous plot-goes-out-of-control is the fact that there's just so gosh-darn MANY threads to the Pattern.

Arilou 15th Mar 12
Yeah, there's definitely quite a few characters of note introduced throughout the series. I place vague counts of "above 50". (I'd tried counting, but got to 40 within the first 4 books, then lost track of a few characters after that)

Sabbo 15th Mar 12
To some degree I can't even blame Jordan for hi "Every character has the same personality" syndrome: With that many it makes sense he has to repeat himself after a while.
Arilou 16th Mar 12
According to the Loads And Loads Of Characters page, there's over 2,000 named characters. So I can only imagine this kind of thing explodes in later books, Harry Turtledove style.
Eegah 16th Mar 12
"Named characters" is different from "important characters", so you won't have to worry too much. I'd take a guess at the final number for "important characters" being somewhere between 75-100.

...Which I suppose is still quite a few. Good thing then that many of these will be dead by the end, or of no importance by then.
Sabbo 16th Mar 12