The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 22: A Path Chosen

After a quite uncomfortable description of how Perrinís clothes are still wet in the morning, but itís also too cold to take them off, he follows horse tracks to Egwene. After a bit of jostling over what they should do next, Perrin figures that the Fades will be looking for them in Whitebridge, so they should skip it and go directly to Caemlyn. Which according to the map in the front of the book will involve crossing one or two more rivers, depending on exactly where they are along the main one, and a forest. AndÖthatís really it.

An unusually short chapter that only exists to get these two together, but it still has a neat view of the dynamic between them thatís going to carry this subplot. Unlike the other two groups, both Perrin and Egwene are completely in over their heads, and looking to the other to be the leader at first. Thereís also some fun dramatic irony as they keep worrying that Moiraine wonít be able to find them if they donít continue on the planned course, unaware that theyíre the only ones she will be able to find, as Perrinís the only one who still has his coin.


...Short chapters make it hard for me to comment on them. :/
Sabbo 14th Mar 12