The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 19: Shadow's Waiting

Nynaeve heads in to take care of Moiraine, with a nice bit where she reiterates that she doesnít trust her, but she helps anyone who needs it. This leaves Rand, Mat, and Perrin alone, and Mat convinces them that Moiraine said Trollocs canít come in here, so they should just look around. Without telling anyone, so Iím already wincing. Itís pretty eerie with Rand constantly thinking of the people who used to live here. Iíve been to Pompeii, and you get that feeling all the time, so itís much appreciated.

Unfortunately, they run into a guy named Mordeth, whoís just slightly less obvious a bad guy than the Senses Taker as he tells them about the treasure in a deep, dark place that he needs help carrying. And Mat completely falls for it, with the others forced to go after him Leeroy Jenkins style. Itís official, heís The Millstone.

Once they get to the treasure room, Rand notices that Mordeth doesnít have a shadow, forcing his hand as he goes through a One-Winged Angel. And then just leaves by turning into smoke, which from the description I guess is because he saw Randís sword. And Mat is still insisting they take some of the treasure. Look, go to hell.

They get back, and naturally everyone is pretty darn pissed off. Moiraine gives more backstory, that Mordeth was an Evil Chancellor who drove the city to evil until everyone killed themselves ďLet That Be Your Last BattlefieldĒ style, and now his spirit is stuck here until he can get someone to take his place. Good one, Mat. Lan comes in to tell them the Fades have become desperate enough to enter the city, so now they have to deal with both them and Mordeth until they get to the river, because Trollocs and Fades canít swim. Hopefully that will make up for the mess before it.

Thereís some good stuff here, with a great piece of new backstory leading quite naturally into what promises to be a quite tense chase scene. Itís a shame that it comes with Mat losing his last shred of likability. Iím reminded of one of my major problems with Cars, where the writers couldnít seem to grasp that thereís a difference between giving a character room to grow, and removing any reason we have to care that they grow. Mat is now The Scrappy to me, and I can only hope that this all turns into enough of a wake-up call that he can start to become bearable again.


  • chuckles smugly at his knowledge of what happens to Mat later*

He's going to be obnoxious some more in this book, but one of those times saves Rand's life, so w/e.

Also, I love the Phantom Tollbooth, thanks for making a reference to it.
montagohalcyon 11th Mar 12 (edited by: montagohalcyon)
You may hate Mat now, but... *completely agrees with montagohalcyon*
Sabbo 11th Mar 12
I immediately thought of Phantom Tollbooth when Mordeth started talking about his treasure, and the Senses Taker actually isn't the one he's the most similar to (that's probably the guy who keeps you counting sand or digging a hole with a needle) but he was the only one whose name I remembered from all those years ago when I read it.
Eegah 12th Mar 12
Reading this chapter as I'm catching up, I'm reminded that I still don't get why Mordeth vanishes. I guess it could be the sword, just seems unlikely.

I'm wondering now if maybe the Trollocs entered Shadar Logoth at that moment and he could sense them.
montagohalcyon 9th Apr 12