The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 13: Choices

Over the next week they keep heading north, avoiding all contact with people while Lan acts as The Obi-Wan for Rand, Mat, and Perrin, and Moiraine for Egwene. And now her wanting to be an Aes Sedai is really getting weird; she’s acting like she’s wanted it all her life, when there’s been no indication of that before, and it kind of makes me suspicious that Moiraine’s manipulating her into it.

Rand gets just as confused by it, and eventually follows Egwene and Moiraine when they go off to have their girl talk. There’s a bit about how the male Aes Sedai tried to access the Dark One’s power, resulting in the world the way it is now, and I guess that’s what Therin was a part of. Then Moiraine says there’s another potential Aes Sedai in Emond’s Field, and there’s this weird thing where Jordan tries to make this person’s identity seem like a mystery, when she’d already said that people with the potential tend to become Wisdoms.

They reach the next town, Bree…er, Baerlon. Rand’s thoughts keep making a huge deal over how big it is, though this doesn’t come off as bad as some of the other padding as I can easily buy he would keep going back to that no matter what other topics come up. They get news that the guy saying he’s the Dragon is now heading to a place called Tear, with a fortress called the Stone of Tear that holds inside it the Sword That Cannot Be Held, which is prophecied to keep the castle standing until the Dragon holds it. Thankfully, Rand immediately spots the problem, though I’m calling now that this Prophecy Twist will be that the Dragon sneaks into the Stone of Tear rather than taking it by force. Come on, challenge me!

There’s also a religious group called the Children of the Light in town who hate the Aes Sedai, so that should be fun. With that they head to an inn where the owner Fitch knows Moiraine and Lan. And I’m guessing here’s where it starts getting complicated.

Another chapter with a very slow and uneventful first half, that makes up for it by stuffing the second half full of good information and plot development. You can just feel the various forces in Baerlon being set up like dominoes that will soon be sent crashing down, and I really look forward to it.


Hang on, that doesn't seem right... *rereads that chapter*

..Ah yes. You misread the bit about the male Aes Sedai. Keep in mind to distinguish what Moraine said from what Egwene said.

That said, are you happy with the new map? (Well, at least I assume you get to see the map at the start of this chapter in your version)
Sabbo 6th Mar 12
Yeah, though since they haven't left town I haven't gotten a closer look at it.

I did mean to adjust that statement after I read the chapter's second half (if they're more than 10 pages I pause to write stuff down when I'm halfway through) but so much else happened that I forgot. It is a nice distinguishing feature from the Bene Gesserit, that the Aes Sedai (one of them, at least) is willing to admit that they're fallible humans like everyone else.
Eegah 6th Mar 12
And just like fallible humans, some still believe they're better than ordinary people, or rather anybody else who isn't them.
Sabbo 6th Mar 12