The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 11: The Road to Taren Ferry

Everyone gallops north until the horses are all exhausted, and as most of them are getting ready to rest for the night, Moiraine does the same spell she used on Tam to make them all completely fresh again. But Lan informs them that she canít use it on herself, and sheíll need some energy left to do something once they get to Tar Valon, so this canít just be a standard cure. Always nice to see this kind of thing, where thereís a good reason for not just pulling out your big advantage every time.

And just when weíre feeling kind of good, the Draghkar attacks and creates fog to make things harder on them. They have to run for most of the night to finally get away, with Moiraine possibly having to use her pick me up spell again during it. That canít be good.

They get to Taren Ferry, the northmost town in the Shire, er, Two Rivers, and Lan bribes the ferryman to get them across the river right now. And the ferryman has the quite giggle-inducing name Master Hightower. And the book came out six years after the movie, so thereís no excuse for it.

More Lord of the Rings takeoffs here, as the chapter maps quite nicely to the journey to Buckleberry Ferry. Some nice atmospherics with the race through the fog, which brought to mind the Black Smoke from The War of the Worlds, though Iím less sure that was deliberate. And because it will never not be funny to me, Hightower.


Hightower was the true star of that movie. Well, after that guy who made all those sound effects anyway.
Sabbo 3rd Mar 12
Actually, Moiraine made that fog to hide the group from the Draghkar, so that it couldn't scout them (yes, like a Crebain). Still not good, in any case.

-Kiryn 3rd Apr 12