The Liveblog of Time: The Eye of the World


Chapter 4: The Gleeman

The man coming out of the inn is Thom Merrilin, a jack of all trades entertainer or gleeman who is quite pissed at the welcome he’s gotten so far. But after venting a bit he notices a crowd has gathered and launches into his act. The scene goes on a bit too long, but then stops when Moiraine stops to watch. There’s hints that they have some history, then Thom goes back inside. There’s more of Nynaeve insulting everyone (I hope we get to see her in a better mood at some point, as this is going to get old soon), including saying the council should be worried about Moiraine. And this includes a bit more exposition that Wisdoms are also doctors. Good to know.

The council lets out, and Bran reveals that there really wasn’t much else to know. It was all about keeping the townspeople from jumping to conclusions about the war’s chances of coming here. Though given that these 14 books have to be filled with something, I’d lay good odds on that. He’s still sending out volunteers to report any military presence at the borders, but Rand is also concerned about the Black Rider, and while he has to go home for the night, he tells Mat and Perrin to find more people who saw him, so they can present a better case in the morning. Except on the road, Tam confides that he believes Rand, having heard several other accounts from young people, leading him to believe they’re the only ones that can see the Black Rider for whatever reason. It actually becomes kind of a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming as Rand is suddenly much more energized by his father’s faith in him.

Not much really happens in this one; Merrilin’s act is fun on its own but it doesn’t contribute much, and really bogs the story down at a point where we should be getting a better idea of where this is all going. Though the final scene is very nice, and promises that the introduction period is coming to an end. At least, I hope.


And thus we meet the next character of note.
Sabbo 25th Feb 12
Oh, there'll be more of them :p
Arilou 26th Feb 12
Arilou, are you talking to me? Because I've read this entire series. (excluding the as yet unreleased final book, of course)
Sabbo 28th Feb 12 2nd Apr 12
Sorry for the blank comment. Something you might've missed in the long Thom scene, "Len flies to the moon in the belly of an eagle made of fire" is an indicator that one or two ages ago people had modern technology, or even future technology. Something went wrong for us to be in the Renaissance. 2nd Apr 12
Aaand I just finally started my reread today, and this is approximately where I'm at.

(You might also notice the giant Mosk and his lance of fire that reaches around the world.)

I'm pretty sure neither of these were things I caught my third time through the series (didn't know about the Wo T-world=Earth theory until halfway into that particular reread).
montagohalcyon 5th Apr 12 (edited by: montagohalcyon)