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World in Flames Campaign
Kyle Jacobs

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Session 7: The Hangover
Short, but sweet. No combat, but some nice roleplaying.

The party scrambled to get themselves together and made their way to Mara's apartment. They found no signs of a struggle or forced entry, leading Creig to suggest that maybe she'd just gone out for a walk. That theory went out the window when someone found a note saying that Mara had not been harmed and instructing the party to find and meet with Canson Okerzale.

After storming into a low-level bar and terrifying everyone in it, they managed to find someone willing to tell them a little bit about Okerzale. They were told that there was a lot of conflicting information floating around, and that the only constants were that he's incredibly ruthless, still has a sense of honor, and is generally seen in the company of a young girl.

After Denzai accidentally knocked the poor guy out cold, Amusel revived him and he ran like hell. The party reentered the bar, and the rest of the patrons followed suit. A very well-dressed orc walked in against the tide of bodies and presented himself to the party, informing them that Okerzale wished to speak to them and confirming that Mara was completely unharmed.

Upon arriving at Okerzale's manor, the party was ordered to part with their weapons. Everyone except Creig complied, and after some debate, the orc grudgingly allowed everyone up to see Okerzale. Okerzele himself immediately presented Mara, completely unharmed and playing with another young girl. Mara confirmed that she was completely unharmed, and Okerzale took the party aside and told them what was going on. He'd needed a way to get their attention, and hadn't thought simply asking nicely would be effective. He explained that the little girl was his daughter, Elsa, and that he was trying to get out of the criminal underworld so he could build her a better life.

According to Okerzale, he was being framed for the assassination of Lord Borafont's brother that had put the city on lockdown. With the rival gangs and the city guard bringing down pressure on him, going legit would be impossible. He asked the party to help clear his name so that he could make sure Elsa didn't grow up to follow in his footsteps. They agreed, and brought Mara with them as they took a platform to the top level. On the way up, they decided that the best course of action would be to investigate Lady Borafont, the one with the real power in the region.


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