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World in Flames Campaign
Kyle Jacobs

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Session 4: Meat Grinder
Xiphonii had to call in sick this week, and I still haven't heard anything from PP. As a result, I gave control of Shamus to Evii (Creig) for the night, and took over playing Gerard myself. This wasn't the best possible situation, given that I'd scheduled an intentionally grueling boss fight for the evening. We also decided to experiment with having everyone use voice chat instead of just me, with what were in my opinion somewhat mixed results.

When we last left our party, they were en route to the temple's lower levels. After an argument between Creig and everyone else about continuing downwards, searching for Jutha Krall, and following the spirit of the fire elemental's orders versus declaring their work done and fulfilling the letter, they made their way downstairs.

They emerged into an enormous chamber with a row of braziers on each side of a colossal carving on the floor. At the far end of the room, an extremely pale elf in jet-black robes stood at an altar over the blood-drenched body of a young woman. Charred corpses littered the ground. Upon noticing the players, the elf turned around, revealing himself to be Krall. "Damn it," he snarled, "You just had to interrupt me, didnít you? I guess thereís no helping it, then. Unfortunately, I wonít get to deal with you personally. But donít worry Ė youíll still face justice, whether I hand it out myself or not. Rise, my servants! Rise, and annihilate the wicked!"

Right on cue, the charred corpses began to move. They attacked the players while Krall returned to whatever he was doing. Gerard and Shamus grouped together to hold off three of the zombies, Creig simply jumped into the fray, Amusel cast Sanctuary to shield himself and act as the healer, and Denzai opted to simply attack Krall. Three zombies immediately chased after Denzai, and a blast of energy from around Krall pushed him back once he got too close. At this point, Amusel decided that he'd had enough ambiguity for one day and attempted to determine what kind of ritual Krall was casting.

As it turned out, he was attempting to summon the Wyrms so he could help them finish what they started centuries ago: wiping out all sentient life on Sanctum.

This got the party's undivided attention. Creig managed to shut up, Amusel went on the offensive, and Gerard dropped his book. United by rage and their desire to preserve the world, they went to work on the zombies. Creig and Denzai charged in

Krall began to curse the party, but suddenly stopped and began to laugh hysterically. "Yes, perfect! Thank you, masters! Come forth," he shouted, "come to me, children of the Great Wyrms!" The carvings on the floor began to give off an eerie blue glow, and four Goblin Shocktroops formed out of the light. At the same time, the fires in the braziers dimmed and the party was restored to full health.

The goblins immediately went on the offensive, charging straight at the players. Fortunately, they were incapable of doing any serious damage, and their recklessness enabled the players to strike back easily, killing two goblins almost immediately. Then Amusel had another bright idea: make another attempt to bring Krall into the fight.

Krall was able to pull enough of his concentration away from the ritual to realize that he'd need to deal with the party, and immediately formed a greatsword out of shadow before teleporting into the midst of the party and attacking Gerard. Suddenly outgunned, the party concentrated their efforts on Krall while he teleported around the room throwing knives at them. Gerard charged towards Krall, who dodged the subsequent flurry of blows, but stood his ground while Krall attempted to retaliate. Denzai was able to land a curse. Krall took the opportunity to physically eject Denzai from the fight, using Mental Thrust to force Denzai backwards through the flames before pinning him to the wall with two thrown knives. Isolated from the party and mortally wounded, Denzai began to bleed out.

From here, Amusel attempted to stabilize Denzai, but Krall teleported behind him and stabbed him in the back for another mortal blow. At this, Gerard suddenly entered a tranquil rage. He calmly walked away from the last goblin, easily dodging the attack to his back, and slowly approached Krall. He readied his fist for a mighty blow, but Krall pushed a small wave of force at the last moment that caused his arm to shatter. Despite his best efforts, Gerard blacked out from the pain.

After dealing with the last goblin, Shamus sprinted to the fallen healer and monk and made a desperate effort to stabilize them. The fires dimmed to embers as if on cue, and Denzai and Gerard were both somehow restored to full health and ability. Amusel stepped back to try and keep the party in good health while the two warriors began raining blows on Krall. Finally, Creig charged into the fray as fast as his small legs could carry him, slashing like a demon at Krall.

Krall staggered backwards in a state of shock. The blue glow on the floor intensified, and his body began to dissolve into the light. "No," he whispered, "this can't be happening! I have done as you wished! I have served you faithfully! So why - No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

With that, the glow died, and Krall was gone. As the party took a moment to process what had just occurred, the fires in the braziers died completely. A warm light began to emanate from the center of the room. As the party looked on, the light formed itself into flames, and the flames formed a shape of their own. The players realized what was happening, and fell to their knees before the Phoenix, their god.

And on that note, we stopped for the night.
Tropes from this session:

Favorite OOC Moment:

After Gerard knocked himself out, leaving only Creig and Shamus standing, everyone began laughing hysterically as the "Oh god, we're all gonna die" feeling started to set in. Someone mentioned that now, the fate of the world rested entirely in the hands of two midgets. That was when I piped in: "Wait... I've seen this before..."
21st Mar '12 11:36:07 PM flag for mods
Damn, if only Gerard were awake to appreciate that last little joke, being a Lot R fan.
Xiphoniii 8th Mar 12
I think there should be a mention about how Shamus managed to get SEVEN FUCKING CRITS over the course of the single session. SEVEN!!

Of course, he would be the worst damage dealer on the team...
EviIPaladin 8th Mar 12
Added Cosmic Plaything.
KyleJacobs 8th Mar 12
^^^ Actually, come to think of it, I was the one playing Gerard this time, so...
KyleJacobs 9th Mar 12
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