World in Flames Campaign

Kyle Jacobs

Session 2: The Room

Unfortunately, Exelixi was forced to bow out of the campaign due to chronic problems with his internet connection. In addition, due to circumstances at my house, I was forced to DM via text exclusively and take over playing Aisling for the duration of the session.

When we last left our party, they were resting in a small room in the dungeon. Upon waking, they decided to continue exploring and looking for the intruder in the temple. They located the wolf that Shamus had previously tamed as well as a chest full of healing potions. Unfortunately, that hallway turned out to be a dead end.

As they returned to the room they'd started in, an elf sage and a dwarf barbarian came by on a patrol. They spotted Aisling through the doorway and charged into battle. The barbarian cornered the party in the hallway preventing their exit while the sage rained arcane doom on them from the safety of the rear.

The party members began to bullrush the barbarian, to no avail. However, they did manage to wear him down, and eventually succeeded in positioning him to allow the party to exit the hallway. A disabled Creig injured himself further while dealing massive damage to the barbarian, and Aisling was able to push him into a fire, finally killing him. Meanwhile, Gerard managed to knock the sage into the flames, but Denzai pulled him out and got him to surrender.

While Cornswaggle looted the body of the barbarian, the elf initially put on a flawless act. He pretended to be just another money-hungry goon so well that he even fooled the paladin for a time. However, when the idea of defeating his master was brought up, his personality completely reversed, revealing him for the psychopath that he was. He spoke of his desire to see justice done to the world through the workings of his master, a notorious paladin named Jutha Krall with connections to a necromantic cult called the Order of the Black.

At this revelation, he began cackling madly as his own necklace lit up. A strange energy began to come out from it that absorbed the elf alive. All the while, he never stopped laughing. Only the necklace itself remained after it was all over. Gerard and Denzai were instantly able to notice that the thing was imbued with some extremely powerful black magic.

After all of this was said and done, Cornswaggle began to dismember the dwarf's corpse for reasons that remain a mystery to me.

It has since been explained to me that Creig considered the dwarf a Worthy Opponent and wished to give him a proper burial, but he was too small to carry the guy out in one piece. Hence the chopping and his disappearance between sessions.
Tropes from this session:

Favorite OOC Moment:

I forgot to hit the break character button on an NPC when discussing a roll. The result was several minutes of messing around with an unintentional He Knows about Timed Hits.


You forgot Breaking The Fourth Wall. When it was revealed that since higher leveled monks are basically Planeswalkers, my character has read many books from our world, including Legend's rulebook, which he just looks at as an oddity that is very similar to his world somehow with regards to ability descriptions.
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