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World in Flames Campaign
Kyle Jacobs

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Session 1: Enter the Lair
The setting: Sanctum, a world created eons ago by the combined breath of the Six Great Wyrms. Sanctum is a single large continent at the center of an ocean, surrounded by archipelagos. It's divided into several regions, each of which has their own distinct culture.

More detail can be found here.

The cast:

As our campaign begins, our party is doing mercenary work guarding a merchant on his way up the Mountain. Stopping for the night in the relatively peaceful village of Tor Phagos, they are awakened by sounds of screaming from outside. As they rush downstairs, the merchant comes in from the street. He tells them that the town is under attack right before three unknown creatures come in and kill him. A fight ensues, during which Denzai discovers that the creatures are Wyrmborn Goblins - non-sentient creatures created by the five remaining Wyrms prior to their discovery of gnome- and orc-ification. The Wyrmborn haven't been seen since the end of the war, and if they're here, then something is very, very wrong.

Exiting the inn, the party finds the town in ruins. The sole survivor is a little girl, who tells them that the beacons at the Temple of the White Wyrm have been lit for the first time since the banishment that ended the war took place there. Fires in the distance confirm this, and Goblin footprints lead towards the flames. Gerard offers to take the girl with him to protect her as they set off for the temple.

Upon reaching the temple, they are confronted by its guardian - a fire elemental who tells them that another has already entered. Despite constant aggravation by Creig, Shamus is able to convince the elemental to let them enter and attempt to stop the threat posed by whoever else is in there. They leave the girl under the elemental's protection.

Inside the dungeon, the party splits up. Creig, Amusel, and Gerard locate and frighten off a Kobold, while Shamus and Denzai manage to lock themselves in a room with a pair of hungry wolves. As the trio realizes their mistake and rushes back to assist their companions, Shamus is able to cow one of the wolves into submission. Gerard arrives just in time for the other wolf to bullrush him and shove him into a fire, which almost kills him. In retaliation for the damage done to his friend, Denzai summons a shadow halberd and decapitates the wolf. As they recover, they notice that the other wolf seems to have disappeared. They all solemnly swear never, ever to split the party again.

Tropes from this session (Bear in mind that most of this is just my take on things:

My Favorite OOC Moment:

19th Jun '12 9:51:48 PM flag for mods
I didn't say that at the end. :p

Also you neglected to put in Badass Bookworm for Gerard, as he is a Librarian. He lost the "Kindly" bit when a book got damaged.
Xiphoniii 16th Feb 12
I think that was Exelixi who was screaming like a little girl.

Also, I take the blame for the pun. I still hold that it was brilliant.
EviIPaladin 16th Feb 12
And Xiph, that was a Stealth Pun directed at you. Kindly = Kindling. As in something used to stoke a fire. Like your book.
EviIPaladin 16th Feb 12
Gnomes make statistically good defensive characters. What can I say? There really isn't much of a "tank" class, which is why my character ended up NPZ Ring.
PresentPresence 16th Feb 12
Orcs look like they would work
Envyus 16th Feb 12
There are no critical failures on attacks in Legend. Houserule or mistake? 19th Feb 12
We have that
Envyus 19th Feb 12
I put together a chart, but more often than not I just go with Rule Of Funny.
KyleJacobs 20th Feb 12
Too bad to hear that.
leticiaB 18th Mar 12
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